Is anyone here less than 5 years from retirement?

  1. I'm closing in on the earliest retirement age. I think about pulling the plug in 4 years. I've been working since I was 15. I've never collected unemployment in my life, never had a hand up in any way, and on top of it, I have an autoimmune disease but work in spite of the difficulty.
    Even when my children were born, I took only 5 weeks per child, drew no money at all from anywhere, and then went back to work full time at 5 weeks. I seem to be terrified of not drawing a paycheck.
    DH & I both have 401K's of course & he would like me to stop working now & just relax since he fears my health will completely fail.
    My thinking is that I will pull the plug in 4 years, collect some social security ( I've paid into it all these years and kind of would like to get some of it back, ya know?) and I would work part time at some place like Walgreens as a cashier for goof around money. Since I've basically always worked, I honestly don't think I'm capable of having no job at all.
    Is there anyone here either in the same place, or do you have thoughts on this?
  2. That is a good plan, especially with your health. Your work ethic sounds like most people I know, who are nearing retirement age.:tup: You've put in your time & deserve to relax.

    Totally understand wanting to collect SS. My DH just started collecting SS at 66, full retirement age. He was going to wait till 70 but we figure if they cut back. It would be easier for them to say to someone not collecting, we are going to delay you more years/months. Than to say to someone collecting, we are going to cut you back.

    Don't sell yourself short. You have more talents & experience (life & work) than a job at Walmart. (There's nothing wrong with Walmart.) Maybe start putting out feelers for consulting work related to your job. I know many people who do this kind of work in retirement. They make a really good income with working minimal hours & they schedule these jobs around trips/cruises they take.
  3. I may pull the plug next year. The only concern I have right now is preventing myself from getting depressed due to lack of structure and things to do. I was a classic workaholic with zero hobbies, no kids and have no SO, so I will be on my own, doing who knows what.
    I'm way under the traditional US retirement age but I want to retire before I end up with bad health and unable to enjoy not having to work.

    This is a good idea for a thread, I'm interested to hear what others think and what they will do.
  4. I will add I think your DH is right. With an autoimmune disease (I was diagnosed with RA 6 years ago) you want to move to a less stressful lifestyle when you can. Just find something to do that is as stress free both mentally and physically as possible.
  5. Thanks for your input, everyone!
    We are living in a tiny town and the employment options are extremely limited. At this point I sell advertising for our small town newspaper. I know, right? I sell space, lol.
    I would like something totally stress free and where I would still come in contact with others, but on a limited hit & run basis. " hi, how are you? Having a good day? That's $14.87. Thanks, have a good day & come again."
    I feel the same way about getting started on SS before the rules are changed again. As it is, I'm even worrying about it being there in 4 years.
    For the poster worried about what to do because of your single lifestyle.... What about filling some hours with volunteering? Soup kitchen, hospital, nursing home? Voter registration, neighborhood watch program set up, community activism. There is such a need outside our front doors.
    Oh, acting as chaperone on school field trips! I really enjoy doing that. Riding the bus with kids just tickles me. Lol.
  6. Just popping by to see if you had made a decision.
    I have decided that this is my final year working. It's scary and exciting. Everything goes so fast.

  7. Oh, yes, I'm definitely going to stop working at 62 years. My 59th b-day is next month so now I'm down to 3 years. I think. Here in the US, it may be 62.5. Our gov't likes to wring every $$ out of it's working class, it seems.

    Irishgal, I find myself envious of you! Will you PM me once you retire to let me know how you find retirement?
  8. I wouldn't do it because I was worried SS wouldn't be there. Honestly, I think that's kind of a ridiculous worry. And if they did make any changes, it wouldn't impact someone your age. If your work is stressful, that's different. But I wouldn't base it on fears that SS won't be there. Also, I would research how much less you will get at 62 than 67. It might be a substantial amount to you.

  9. I sure will. I am still trying to get used to the idea!

  10. The SS is the least of my worries.
    My job is unbelievably stressful and I have lupus. I really don't know how much longer I can keep up this pace without seriously undermining my health.
    I want to enjoy my life for a few years.
    It could very well be that I will find 2 years of retirement is enough, and I will go find something I can leave behind at the end of the workday.
    But good gosh, I look forward to some time off!
  11. If your finances are in order, why not? I really enjoyed working in a coffee shop and did really well in retail sales years ago and sometimes toy with the idea of starting my own business in retirement or maybe consulting - but I'm a ways off from retirement.

    Maybe you could do something like watch kids part time or drive older people to their errands. That might be fun for you as well.
  12. I'm more worried about Medicare than SS, but I recently saw some calculation of taking SS early but putting it in the market and how that worked out better than waiting.
  13. Can you go on disability?

  14. No, my rheumatologist says I'm his "shining star". When I was diagnosed, he told me to get off my "dead a$$" & exercise if I wanted to save my life. Of course, I took it way beyond just exercise and got very strong & fit. So I'm in good shape as far as weight & strength, although I blew out a knee about 4 years ago. So he won't disable me. I'd feel guilty about taking it anyway unless I were really in horrible condition and I don't even want that to happen.
    I deal with a lot of mental stress, deadlines, trying to bring in money in what is probably a dinosaur industry.
    I still use exercise for stress relief. But I want to flee this particular field, is probably the truth of the matter......

  15. Now that sounds like a plan! Thanks!