Is anyone here knowledgeable about A&F?

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  1. I want to buy someone an Abercrombie bag for Christmas...
    I haven't seen this style and my last resort is eBay.

    I know NOTHING about Abercrombie bags and was wondering if anyone here buys their merchandise and could help me.

    I found this bag:
    eBay: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH SATIN LINING MILITARY FLORAL BAG (item 330055372440 end time Nov-30-06 21:24:30 PST)
    Does it look authentic to you? For some reason, on most other auctions, the two tags' positions are switch, meaning, the fabric tag should be on the left, and the cardboard tag should be on the left but in this bag the two are switched. Also, is this bag supposed to have a more pink-ish tone rather than beige? Are the flowers a little different? How does this one look:
    eBay: ORIGINAL!! ABERCROMBIE & FITCH MILITARY BAG - $1NR!!! (item 280054942774 end time Dec-06-06 01:57:10 PST)

    I'm pretty sure these are authentic:
    eBay: NEW Abercrombie & Fitch Military Purse Bag Handbag Tote (item 250055403765 end time Dec-05-06 15:41:43 PST)
    eBay: ~Abercrombie & Fitch Military Bag Purse NWT $69.99~ (item 330053022065 end time Dec-01-06 20:20:15 PST)

    Also, how long ago was this bag in stores? Retail price?

    I'm not sure if fakers out there would fake A&F, since it's not like a top designer brand like LV or anything...but you never know. The first bag is from Hong Kong that's why I'm a little worried!

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I buy a-lot of A&F. The bags you listed look authentic. I would be suspicious about the one in Hong Kong, they tend to sell fakes. I cannot recall when the bag was in stores or online. They do make fakes though, so be careful.
  3. It looks pretty authentic to me.
    I have that same bag, in pink without flowers. I got it two or three years ago at A&F. They were pretty popular back then .. hmm maybe i should start using mine again.
  4. Thanks!
  5. hihi,
    i dont know if the bags are real or fake, but hong kong does make a lot of fake AF stuff. i would be careful.. but they look pretty nice if they were fakes.