Is anyone here from Korea?

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  1. Hulllooo again! all you people who live in Korea, I was just wondering if the prices of LV products there are cheaper than other countries? I also wanna know if the waiting lists are too long and are the stores accepting names for the waiting lists for S/S 2007 right now? or is it still too early? Some one from my family is travelling to Korea and I thought I would tell them to get me some limited edition LVs :drool:

    I am surprised how the majority of people don't find the spring collection amazing! I just can't wait to get my hands on the polka dots stripe bowling bag, the dentelle speedy and the LoVe canvas :heart:
  2. i love the spring collection!
    sorry i dont live in korea.. but i have not heard anything about different pricing...i think thats hong kong????...
  3. No, it's actually way more expensive...when korean celebrities come to america, they buy TONS of Louis vuitton stuff. When I was there, I saw a Ribera GM on sale for 200,000 won. which is $2200.
  4. yeah, i've heard that LV is generally more expensive over there... although, i don't know the exact prices for certain pieces
  5. HK has about the same pricing as USA/Canada ;)
  6. LV actually is more pricey in Asia. I thought the sale tax was too high in Chicago, but it's still cheaper than Asia.
  7. if you buy it at the duty free lv store, you get it at the same price as US.

    i think it was the Lotte duty free......?? have to ask my mom..
  8. Duty Free in Korea is much cheaper than the U.S.
    I purchased an MC Trouville for $1,150
    Plus, there is no tax!
  9. I was in Seoul last summer. I wish I had done more shopping, and checked the duty free shops.
  10. it's actually the same price sans sales tax
  11. I went to soul last year..
    price much more expensive ...
  12. i thought HK is cheaper than US...@_@??