IS anyone here an incurable worrier............

  1. me?

    Use this thread to post your silly & not so silly worries & make you feel not so alone & me feel not so alone & so bad for being such a worrier! I hate it & it so impinges on my life! Any suggestions for change would be most welcome but I guess it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

    I will start:

    I worry about anything happening to my kids & any other family member!

    Every time the kids leave the house I see all sorts of possibilities for misfortune

    I worry about my own health all the time, every time I hear of someone with a terminal illness I go down, down, down!!!!! I take everyones suffering on board!
  2. ^ I am the same about my kids....Whenever they are not in my sight (at school etc), I always fear the worst!
  3. I am not alone here! I sympathise Bebe it is not a pleasant way to live!

    Love that quote of yours BTW :smile:
  4. No you are not alone... it has been something that my mom and I have worked on together!! She is a huge worrier, and I became one too. I HATE germs- I worry that kitchens are not clean enough. I HATE being around sick people- worrying that I will get sick. I worry over family, friends, ahh just everything...

    My heart is big :heart: but it works against me...

    I have really learned to work on it and feel like I am getting better letting it all fall into place...

    Chin up, you are not alone! But it is important to work on this to not make your kids or people around you extreme worriers too :shame:
  5. I worry about everything and anything-if there is nothing to worry about, I worry that things are going too well and will come crashing down. It's a terrible way to live.
  6. Thanks Megs, my mum is a huge worrier also so I couldn't have missed. There is a saying here "You didn't take it off a whin bush" :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Kids are not too bad but I think it's probably too late for them not to have inherited some of it but I try to appear positive around them.

    Working on it but still have a long way to go to let it all fall into place as it will anyway!

    & you know what??????................. a big heart is a fabulous person but it is such an impediment, to feel is to hurt!!!!

    Today for the first time ever i killed something on the road - a rat ran out in front of me I couldn't have avoided it, I went back to make sure it was dead & not suffering! I have worried all night in case it had young to feed!!!! My friend said "Ah it was vermin" To me it had a right to life!!!
  7. Oh I can so relate!!
  8. Oh my gosh!! I carry lavendar water in my purse and whenever someone sneezes when we are out I spray I hate the thought of someones sneeze on me..YUK! My kids know the rule too, if you sneeze in the car, you immidiately roll down your window.....pathetic, I know!:roflmfao:
  9. OMG, I worry about everything.

    Will I have time to study?
    Am I going to get an internship or go to summer school?
    I need to save money and move out!

    Ahhh! Too many..
  10. Thanks!!
  11. OMG, me too my kids are ashamed of me :roflmfao: if someone sneezes I put my scarf up around my mouth/nose!
    I can never ever believe how people will sneeze without covering their mouths. so incredibly rude, this is how so many germs are passed!
  12. This little saying might help, hahaha I need to take it on board!!!!

    "Worry does not stop the sorrow of tomorrow, it just robs today of it's joy!

    So true!!!!!
  13. Its disgusting!! I read somewhere that a sneeze travels at 400 mph, so if I hear someone sneeze across the room, I am already thinking I am done So I start spraying my spray all over, I get weird looks, but it doesn't stop me:roflmfao:
  14. OMG, I worry about *everything*!!!

    The minute I leave the house I worry that I forgot to unplug my curling iron, turn off the stove, close the garage door, when I go back to check I worry that I am OCD. :push:

    The second I don't feel well I worry that I have some terrible tropocal disease.

    I worry that if I go to the Dr they will find something really really wrong with me, I worry that if I don't go I'm terribly ill and I'll get worse without treatment. :wtf:

    Sigh, good to I am in good company though! :wlae:
  15. Yip I saw a TV programme on the "journey of a sneeze" yeuch!!!!! You know what it's ok if you see the person sneeze but imagine the germs that you walk into each day where you haven't actually seen the dirty deed! OMG!!!!
    Why do you think that lavendar spray will work? I know it's great for burns but germs????? Would something like Rosemary (antiseptic) not be better?