Is Anyone Here an Aestititicion?Estitition?


What is your favourite beauty line?

  1. Murad

  2. La Mer

  3. Sothy

  4. Nutrogena

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  1. Alright, I really need to get the spelling down...doesn't do much for my case :smile:.

    I would like some opinions svp......I just retired from an international airline after 17 years...I am 38 years old, so I have time in my life for another career.....
    I adored my career about amazing deals...bags, accessories, culture, dining, learning four languages...meeting people from all walks of life...from African tribal people to one of the Supreme Court Justices...Sandra Day O'Connor....many many people....and lovelies like Charlie Sheen (yuck! short!).. daughter is now seven and my company offered early retirement and I took it.... I was commuting from Portland to Atlanta ....then flying to Europe, South America, Africa...and everywhere else...IF, G_d forbid, something had happened to my daughter it would take up to two days to get to her....that caused me a lot of upset and anxiety.
    I have always been interested in the beauty fact that is what I wanted to do when I was, etc...but my parents didn't really support it... I was a Ballet major in college and then became a flight att. by a fluke...
    I want to become an Aestitition/Makeup artist more than anything....we have a wonderful school in Portland...the European School of Cosmetology. I can also add micro dermabrasion which I will.
    Do any of you out there do this for a living? What advice do you have? What avenues did you take?
    I would like to work in a dermatologists office. There is such an open field with this and it really excites me...not to mention I am pushing 40!

    I am past caring about what people think of me....I admire all hard workers...and yes, I love my luxery....not stopping at bags...onto 800 count sheets which I iron and starch :smile:...and on and on....

    Once again...I thank you in advance for any advice you have...and yes, I need the proper spelling...I would have to go off this page to get it and possibly lose this letter...

    One more question...have any of you tried Sothy's products? I find them far superior than ANYTHING I have tried....let me know your favorite products it you have time!

    Thank you again.........and I appreciate you taking the time to read this!

  2. Correct spelling: aesthetician or esthetician

    My godmother ownes a very well respected MediSpa in the washington DC area. She is also a Dermatologist. I once thought about going to school to become ans aesthetician, but decided against it (not for any particular reason, just decided on another career path). She was telling me that for the most part aesthetician that work in MediSpas are more versed and knowledgable about the products, procedures and overall care, because for one, they are working in a medical environment and having medical malpractice suits isn't something a dermatologist office wants. All of the aesthetician in her office are former nurses. So everyone is trained, trained and trained. aesthetician that work in regular Spas -IMO - are more about selling you products.

    I'd love to hear what other advice you get on this and good luck to you :smile:

    OH, my favorite line - not listed is Dr. Hauschka or Sundari - all natural products. I use Creme de LaMer only at night in the winter.
  3. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  4. Hi Kiley! we live about an hour and a half from one another!!! :smile:

    Being an esthetician would be a rewarding job - if you got into waxing you could make a bundle on top of doing facials, etc. Before I started working for the military full time, I worked for an upscale day spa in Corvallis and many of the estheticians were very skilled ladies. A lot of them, though, did go to beauty school for everything (hair and nails too) because just doing skin would not give them enough of an income in our area. But you will probably do much better with that in Portland!

    We carried Jurlique at the day spa, it is similar to Dr. Hauschka in that it is organic and all natural (and started by Germans), it is all made in Australia on their 60 acre herb farm. Very great stuff!
  5. I actually researched into this last year. I would look into the Aveda program. You could finish a full time program in 3months and partime in 6-9 months.

    Wish you luck.
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    i attended paul mitchell and absolutly loved it! i had originally planned to attend aveda but i decided to go to some local spas and talk to the girls about where they went and if they recommended it... and i was amazed at what i heard and ended up changing my mind about aveda bc all of them said the classes where to large and that it was very unpersonal... so from many of their recomendations i went w paul mitchell im so glad i did bc they not only focused on the education side of it but also about making what you do yours... and about being yourself and we had weekly gatherings of the whole school and would have people come in from spas and salons and even had john paul himself on a confrance call w us... but they would talk to us about the industry and what our options where and what they went through and alot of the big names would talk to us about how they got to where they where and they would give advise about how to get started and we had alot of opportunities to be able to work w/ people in the indursty or do things to "win" a class w a big time make up artist and that kinda tihng ... my class only had 12 girls which was the max! and not only did it make a huge difference as far as learning went it was more on a personal level and we were all like sisters and i even had a lady in my class that was in her mid 40's... so your never to old to do what u love!!

    as far as where to go with it all bc there are so many options! it really comes down to what parts of it you love to do.. i orig. planned to get out and go for the whole medi spa or derm. office side of it but after attending i decided i go for the more holistic side of it bc even though i liked doin the microdermabrasion and that kinda thing i fell in love w the whole relaxing part of it... in a resort setting its all about relaxing and making them just fill good... and at the end of the day there nothing better then that (for me)... bc not only are you relaxing them but your relaxed and not many people can say they go to work and relax all day! i also liked the make up side of it but unfortunatly in my area thats not something that you can really make a career out of unless you work at the make up counter in a department store! so ive thought about moving out towards cali to pursue that.. but... who knows... in this field there are so many thing you can do... and ive known people that start out doing one thing and after a while switch and do sometihn else... you can even go back and teach it if you decide or open your own spa one day!... it keeps life from getting boring bc theres always somewhere else you can w/ it!

    also... when i was in school we used dermalogica and i fell in love with it.... its produced by the international dermal institute and is the #1 skin care line in the world! i still use it and would recommend it to anyone! they have something for everybody and it seems a lil expencive at first but its a prof product so its concentrated bc they dont add a crap load of water! and those bottles last forever!!

    i wish you the best and hope that helped a lil... you should really go to some spas and just talk to some of the girls... i asked um bout where they worked and went to school and what they made and all kinds of stuff and they all were really nice about it and didnt seem to mind!

  7. I have my aesthetician license, I got it about 6 years or so ago.. I'm so into skin care that I thought I would love it however I didnt.. I cant pop zits and blackheads... Waxing was a nightmare for me too, lol
    I did finnish and get my license but it doesnt serve me any purpose now.. It really just wasnt for me but it was fun going to the school and getting the license.

    Also for what its worth La Mer is my absolute FAVORITE!
  8. lol... waxing def. isnt for everyone!! i love it though!!
  9. Soothy's is not bad.

    Definitely would say that Natura Bisse, La Prairie and Sisley. For La Mer, I only like their serums, but definitely not the creme as it has mineral oil. Mineral oil is the worst ingredient you can apply on your face, ever.