Is anyone here a teacher, head? I need advice badly!

  1. :smile: Hi! I am currently doing my teacher training and am employed as I do it, anyway it is now time to get jobs, I have had one interview for a role in a new primary school that was being built but didn't get it as I think they wanted someone with experience not an NQT. I applied for a few more but didn't get an interview and this week I went to visit two schools which were lovely but both had trainees in from my course so I am sure they will get the job and it is a waste of time me even applying. I also applied for a job at the school I am based in but another trainee there got it, I didn't even get an interview which really knocked my confidence and the head has not even mentioned it to me or anything. I really need a job for September and am getting so so stressed, I really cannot see how I am going to get one, I just keep thinking why would they take me instead of anyone else. Does anyone have any advice? Also we are told to ask questions but one trainee on my course asked about the school and the birth to five agenda and the headteacher said why then said that she had 20 years experience and didn't need to answer questions. So, do I ask questions of I get any interviews and what sort of things should I ask? Thanks