Is anyone heading over to Nordie for the half yearly sale today?

  1. I was just there on Monday and got a Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Flap in Whiskey for $231 (originally $528). As everyone knows, they had marked down the Legacy line but this was the SECOND markdown. I heard some Nordies were opening up at 7:00 am!

    Also, Neiman Marcus's private sale and SAK's triple points are today also! Sooo much shopping to do! :nogood:
  2. Wow! I was at Nordstrom's on Sunday and they had a Legacy Shoulder Flap on sale but not nearly that marked down or else I *would* have bought it no matter what hubby said.:boxing:
  3. Shoot, too bad I'm on a bag ban until the new year...I'd love a nice Legacy bag and I'm right down the road from a Nordstrom's. DANGIT! You ladies are killing me on this forum...:nogood:
  4. I went to northpark yesterday! (dallas area) and they also had a legacy tote thing in whiskey marked down a few.. I thought about it.. but I really don't need another tote! XD
  5. crap I totally forgot about it!!!! Getting the oil changed right now but I'm there as soon as its done. All the good stuffs probably gone :sad:
  6. when does it end? where is there a nordstrom in NY??
  7. Our store doesn't open til 9, and it is 8 right I am chomping at the bit! I am leaving work to go!!! LOL!!!!
    I want to check out shoes and see what's going on :smile:

    EVERYONE let us know if you found some great deals!!!!!
  8. I AM LEAVING NOW!!! I will post if I get anything great :smile:
  9. awww :sad:
  10. So I went, spent not even 5 minutes in the store beacuse THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY COACH BAGS, OR ANY COACH FOR THAT MATTER ON SALE!!!! :cursing:

    what the heck!!!!!!!!
  11. That stinks!

    I'm going over there on my lunch because maybe I'll get a great deal for someone for Christmas...I know they had bags there last Friday when I was there on the sale table but not sure if there will be more. The other handbag brands get more attention at my Nordstrom's cause it's a really high end area of the Chicago suburbs, and they prefer the LV and such to Coach.

    Wish me luck!
  12. I'm stuck at the time I get to Nordstrom's this evening all the good stuff will be picked over, so I may as well just not go
  13. aww that sucks
  14. I wish I hadn't left work to go over to Nordie's...first, they don't have anything good on sale, second, the SA from another Nordie's that told me the shoes I bought would be on the sale so I could price adjust LIED to me, and third, Lancome forgot to send me the lip gloss set I ordered and just mailed me the samples. AH!!!

    But i just have to stay positive. I saved my money for outlet shopping right? YAY
  15. Yeah I just got back, Nordstrom's selection sucked! First, no Coach bags were on sale. Second, all the shoes were picked over, all over the floor, etc. So instead, I checked out Macy's selection. They had a Legacy Shoulder Bag in clay 25% off, but it was all banged up. They also had the Hampton's Suede Plaid Carryall 25% off. Didn't like any of those so I went to the Coach boutique and bought the Bleecker mini wallet in black/magenta, but they didn't have any besides the display and I wanted a new one, so they ordered it for me and it will arrive in 3-5 days.

    And to top it all off, I'm really cold because I miscalculated on the weather and it's like 38 degrees here! Brrrr...