Is anyone going to the event tomorrow night at Valley Fair?

  1. Sorry for posting so late...I have been swamped...but I am wondering if anyone is going tomorrow? :graucho:
  2. No! But i want a full report from anyone who is!
    have fun!
  3. I am on the opposite coast, but I will be eagerly awaiting your full LV report! Have a wonderful time!
  4. thinking about going...not sure if it will be worth it though. SF sent me the invite for the fashion show for the fall/winter clothing which will be on Wed. will probably go to that one and skip the VF affair tomorrow
  5. I am more than likely gonna go, as the VF store is sorta my childhood store so to I got the invite for the SF thing too and will try to go to that as well but its a lot easier for me to swing this one cuz its on a friday.
  6. Hmmm, I'm kinda annoyed. I wasn't invited!
  7. MJ, I think they messed up on the invitations. Johnnie and Ellen were asking if I was coming the other day when I was in...I told them I didn't get an invite, they said, "we know you're on the list, it will probably come in a day or 2....but come, it's going to be fun!"

    Well as of yesterday, still no invite, so I called and talked to Terry (the manager) she said "hmmmm, we sent you invite...."

    Anywho. maybe they didn't put enough potsage on with the change or something....anyway, one way or another...come with me!!! :smile: We'll have fun!
  8. have a great time!! :smile:
  9. I didnt get an invite but i did call and talked with Terry was told about the Event and she put me on the list
  10. I dont think anyone get a mailed invite right? ...johnny told me about the event a few weeks ago so I had it on my calendar but I didnt get the time or anything till I stopped in last week to pick up my new bag.
  11. They said invites went out, but I haven't heard of anyone actually recieving one.
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  13. I am heading out, if anyone is there come over and say hi, I am wearing a bright yellow, black and white top and carrying my ivorie soufflot with black tiffany scarf tied to it :smile:
  14. wah I never get invited to anything :\

    have a good time and take pictures!