Is anyone going to swsx?

  1. I was wondering if anyone is going to the sxsw (south by southwest music festival) in Austin. I'm not familiar with the area or the festival so it'd be nice to hear from you guys who's been there before. TIA!
  2. I haven't really gone to one even if I live a few minutes away from Austin. DH wanted to check it out last year but changed his mind because of the traffic. eheheh Sorry if I'm not much help. But if you're planning to come, make sure you make hotel reservations weeks before sxsw.
  3. i used to live in austin, but have never gone to sxsw...make sure u make hotel reservations well in advance though!
  4. It's pretty cool--I went a few times while I was going to school at UT--you see lots of up and coming acts--and also a few big stars--better make your reservations like yesterday, though, the hotels get booked way in advance.
  5. May go to a few film events. Other than that downtown is too crazy.
  6. Alrighty. Went downtown last night and saw Pam Tillis/Ian Moore, etc. Was a blast. But I am ready for SXSW to be over. Traffic is a killer and I want my city back!! (but kudos to all the bands... they rock for coming to Austin!)
  7. I've never been and I don't think I'll be going anytime soon.