Is anyone going to be in Las Vegas Feb 13-16? I would love to meet up!

  1. I have a tradeshow for my jewelry line, I am scouting for jewels.... but I am basically using the trip as a right off, to celebrate in Vegas! LMK if anyone will be in the area it would be fun to get drinks then hit the NM Bal stock!
  2. Is this the JCK show in LV? I'm jealous ... my #1 addiction is Jewelry!

    I checked out the B-Bag collection at the N/M Las Vegas in November; it was pretty nice. They have a great S/A out there - Jennifer. She's pretty knowledgeable and best of all, won't mind going back into their stockroom to check to see what else they have (I managed to snag the cutest French Blue small Toilet Case which I use to store my jewelry when traveling).

    When is the Barneys NY/Las Vegas going to open? That would be a great place to check out as well!
  3. Hubby and I are going there for an event for business that weekend and were hoping to combine it with Hallmarks Vday ( first year being prego and married):yahoo:. I would love to meet up. Send me a pm and maybe we can hook up. I am staying at the Palms just because it's compt but I am dying to shop and I will only be working a few hours a day. That would work out perfect for some fun "down" time.:love:

  4. That is awesome, we have to meet up! It will be our 10 year anniv. on v-day and we got married in Vegas. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant w/ Ds! I was only 20 and DH was 29, but I was a bit nervous. Congrats on those huge milestones! We are staying at the Venetian!
  5. I am new to bbags but i would like to join the club soon. I'll be in vegas on the 18th and stumbled upon your thread because i was doing a search to where I could purchase bbags in las vegas. I guess we'll miss each other by a couple of days. i would have loved to hit up NM with a bbag expert. :love: I am looking to purchase a giant city with GH in a dark blue or maybe black. Have fun in Vegas!!!
  6. Hi, I'm going to be there next week as well for work! I get there on Monday afternoon, but I just realized that you will be gone already!
    Barneys is in the Pallazo!
  7. I just stayed there earlier this week (Sunday through Tuesday). Barneys is open and has a nice selection of bbags downstairs as well as some tops and a few display bags on the entrance level.

    The Venetian rocks! I had a beautiful room over looking the strip. Although I only saw the room a few

    Have a great time!

  8. aww i WISH i was in vegas!! i guess you are there right now... i am super jealous. vegas is so much fun :yes: hope you guys are enjoying yourselves!
  9. OOO Barneys is in Vegas now - Rockin!! I too love the Venetian - DH and I have stayed there several times. The Canyon Ranch Spa there is amazing too!
  10. Greeting,

    I have just returned from Las Vegas where I bought my EB GH wallet from Barneys. NM has quite a selection too but they close a little early (8pm) while Barneys stay open until midnight.

    Have fun...