Is anyone getting tired of Coach?

  1. I am.
    It seems like i see the same bag over and over and over.

    Anyone else?
  2. Yes...I've never fancied Coach at all... I heard that they're made in China.. Anyways, I don't really like the whole C C C C C C kinda thing.. personal peference..
  3. I am. I still like them, but they are EVERYWHERE where I live. I stopped buying them because I got tired of seeing them all over the place.
  4. I just hate the logo crap but then again I hate everyone's logo crap.
  5. I don't want to be anyone's walking advertisement. Unless they want to pay me for carrying the bag!
  6. I've been getting tired of the C's everywhere, but I like their non-signature bags a lot!
  7. Yes!! I'm soooo over Coach! I have recently downsized my collection...I now only have 1 patchwork swing pack, the optic lurex special occasion bag and 1 signature bag. The rest of history!

    Even though I feel a little snobby, I'm just tired of seeing every other girl on the street carrying one. I like to be a little bit different.
  8. I don't mind the logo thing....I sort of like them. But Coach is everywhere around here...that's all I see. I like my LV's because it's a rarity to see them. I do like som Coach though...just so mainstream.
  9. Yeah,i see them everywhere and Juicy couture purses are catching up with coach also...i love juicy but now everyone is starting to purchase them!
  10. I love Coach but only to carry my books in!!!

    May 20th, 2007...C/O 07, we're free!!!
  11. I am, they are raising their prices without raising their quality and I just don't think that it very fair.
  12. But what about the LV Elli?

    Coach is very well made, but their signature doesn't align. I've felt sad about that for a year.

    I'm just too into Chloe' right now to buy much new Coach. Coach doesn't say the same thing to onlookers, but I really like the bags.

    It's funny, here I see just as much LV (or "LV") as I see Coach.
  13. I've been tired of Coach. I loved their bags, mainly the legacy line. I'm not a big fan of the cc stuff.
  14. I'm tired of seeing the same bags over and over, but not really tired of the entire company. I only have 2 coach bags, but I like them lot!
  15. I still like Coach. Love their all leather bags!!!

    Is this considered a "bashing" thread? :shrugs: