Is anyone getting anything in Paprika?

  1. [​IMG]

    I haven't heard much talk about this color. Its probably just being overshadowed by marigold and grape. Or do you think its because it looks similar to rouille from spring 2006 that its being ignored?

    Any silent fans out there?
  2. I'd like to know more about it. I'd love a coral/poppy red bag...can't tell if Paprika comes close or not...if only I lived in NYC, I'd go to that trunk show...sigh...
  3. It'd be adorable as a clutch or Twiggy! I love bags with orange tones, someday I'll own one! I agree that it's being overshadowed by the super popular colors right now.
  4. IMO it looks like rouge vermillion... tomato seems richer to me
  5. I prefer tomato (which is more rouge) coz paprika looks more orange tones....:smile:
  6. coz if i choose, it will be tomato MU clutch (pewter HW) or in city style also (pewter HW)
  7. Paprika is certainly on my wish list, since I missed out on rouille. I think that I'll get it in a Twiggy, since that style would really suit the colour. Can't wait until the bags are in the shops so that we can see them IRL.
  8. Yes, I plan on getting one in a city style RH. When I first became interested in Bal bags, rouille S/S 06 was at the top of my list. Now that the color's coming out again, and I never bought rouille, I'd like to get it (new) this time around. I'm excited about it!
  9. If it's sort of a terra cotta color, I think it could be really interesting. I'm not a hard core orange fan for myself, though I love to look at it. I keep thinking of a matelasse bag in this color.
  10. I love orangey reds, so I'm definitely going to be looking into this color. I'm hoping to get a day bag in either paprika or tomato!
  11. i loved rouille... I am hoping paprika is a spicier version of it! more pop!

    and with the better leather too. that was what really turned me off rouille.
  12. I love both of the reds but I have 2 red bags already so right now it not a top priority.

    Although I may get the darker red if it is very different from RV.

    I need purple, yellow, blue and more black so I'm concentrating on those for this season.
  13. I don't think the pictures of those swatches are showing the true color. I think it is intended to be an orange with some brick red undertones and not the other way around. Probably more like the picture of the first swatch.

    I wish I could see pictures of a bag in this color. I think it sounds pretty.