Is anyone from Virginia?

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  1. Hey! - Can anyone help me out... Does anyone know if REAL Virginia Drivers Licenses have blacklight (holograms, hidden words, etc) security on them?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Cheers:heart: - R
  2. :s why?
  3. I have a VA driver's license. There is a sort of hologram pattern on it but I don't know about any blacklight security.
  4. Somebody's getting a fake!

  5. ^LOL!! I'm in VA..The background is a hologram pattern..the hologram is the shape of VA & it says Virginia beside it continueously. Hope that kinda helps.
  6. I have a Virginia's Drivers license.

    Why are you asking? Getting a fake ID?

    ...Nearly ALL drivers licenses and identification cards have holograms on them.
  7. I live in Va....IMO thats a weird question to ask the people here....(dont kill me)
  8. ITA lol