Is Anyone forced to wear Fake Loubs that they are stuck with Honesty pls??

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  1. Hi all,

    :crybaby:Hands up i've been dupped again well its been some months since so can't reclaim money back but had tried to sell my Nude/pink pair on evilbay where I got them but were defo confirmed as fakes to my mortification and shame.:crybaby:
    So now i am stuck with these obviously won't be trying to pass them on but i've no feeling for them do i wear them and cry or burn them and cry.
    For furture reference are all nude Louboutins nude nude and never ever a pinky nude.:shrugs:
    Im so reluctant to buy from Ebay in future but am stuck with dilema that am miles away from CL stockist in Ireland. Limited to NAP, Ebay, Matches and Mytheresa for online shopping.
    How does everyone else feel about it?

    (Any other Irish TPF's where do you buy from)
  2. That totally sucks!!! :cry:
    Always get your auctions authenticated.

    Personally, I couldn't wear fakes. I just couldn't.
    I don't know what I would do with them.
    I know I wouldn't try to sell them.
  3. Hopefully, you didnt spend a lot of money on them so that you can just let them get buried in the darkest place of your closet and you won't feel guilty about it! I know it sucks, but like JSG said, i wouldnt be able to wear them either! I'm really sorry this happened to you!
  4. I don't know what I'd do with them. I certainly wouldn't wear or sell on. They'd probably end up in the bottom of my wardrobe gathering dust as I don't think I could throw away either. At least they're a good reference to what a fake looks like I guess
  5. Okay, maybe I would do this:

    Take a razor blade to the imprint on the sole.
    Black marker out the label inside the shoe.
    Then, donate them.
  6. ^^That is a great suggestion Jet!
  7. I'm sorry this happened to you.

    Don't wear the fakes, just throw them out. Is the ebay seller you bought from still active?

    I live in Ireland too and I've bought from NAP and ebay. I tried to order from Matches once, but the boots I wanted had sold out.

    You can order from Saks and Neimann Marcus over the phone. They have awesome sales at times to keep an eye out.
  8. Its a good suggestion Jet to donate them, Ebay and the other sellers above are a good place to start, it sounds strange but I would be much more comfortable buying shoes from any of the members here rather than buy from an unknown person. Sorry this happened to you.
  9. I know you said months has passed but is there no way you could try and get your money back? As i said in my ebay message i am very very sorry this has happened and hope you understand why that HAD to be removed from ebay.
    I am the same as everyone else i couldnt wear or sell fakes. I think if they were mine i'd throw them away.

    I'm sure Pam Jenkins would post to you. Also, have you tried
  10. Oh, and Footcandy will also post. You can fax or phone your order in.

    I don't know how I'd feel about donating. I got a fake pair about a month ago. They've been sent back to the sender and the CC charge is being disputed for a chargeback at the moment. I hope it goes well because I've done everything by the book and kept all the paperwork and emails. The ebay listing was pulled thanks to the ladies here and Google has banned the seller from doing business again as a result of my report/dispute. Anyway, even if it had been months and there's be no hoe of getting the money back, I couldn't donate the shoes and imagine someone wearing them. We're talking something (poorly) produced by slave labour and financed by organised crime only to deceive innocent people into thinking they've bought a coveted high-end pair of shoes. I sent mine back with a heavy heart as I know they'll be sold to someone else. I'd rather have just thrown them out with other trash.

    Sorry about the tone of the above message. I'll go check now as I hadn't heard of them before!
  11. Just give them away to some charity shop. I'm sorry this happened to you, are you sure you cannot return them somehow?
  12. Did you pay with you credit card? Have you contacted them about possibly doing a chargeback?
  13. Rog, where in Ireland are you? You also have cruiseclothing and browns fashion which I think send to Ireland (NI anyway)
  14. Hmm ... Well I have only purchased one fake item off of ebay and that was a pair of jeans once (before I knew fakes even existed ... ahh nieve).

    Anyway I wore them out but later got them authenticated on honestforum (this was in 2006 I believe) and was so embarassed when I found out they were fake and I actually wore them in broad daylight! After that day they went in the garbage and if I was never sure of the authenticity of an item I will always get it authenticated before I buy.

    So, I think I would have them destroyed (unless you can somehow get your money back of course). I wouldn't even send them back from where they came because they could get resold and it's just a further waste of your money to send them back IMO.
  15. I was told that you can file a chargeback within 90 days of purchase; and they will tell you that you have to send them back. Sucks if you wanted to set them on fire! Or pehaps you could still do that and send them whatever is left over.

    How long ago did you buy the shoes?