Is Anyone Familiar with Tosca Blu??

  1. :?: I just purchased a Tosca Blu bag. It says leather. It says "Made In Italy" (on a white tag sewed into the inside side of the bag). The color is close to what I've been searching for (butterscotch), it stays on my shoulder, and probably if it were made by a name I'm familiar with I might love it.....what's wrong with me???? Anyway, if anyone has an experience with Tosca Blu, good or bad, please let me know. Thank you!!:?:
  2. I'm always eyeing those by Tosca Blu. It's a good quality brand. Post pictures! I like some of their designs that I've seen.
  3. I am new at this and have never posted pictures before but I will try....
  4. I took the picture and downloaded it on my computer but how do I get it here as an attachment?
  5. If you click on post reply and scroll down, it offers a section for you to browse and upload photos. Do not use the quick reply.
  6. Here is the picture of the Tosca Blu and the leather is as soft as it looks. The handle is braided leather and chain. Here goes:
  7. Please tell me what you think of this bag!! It's not a name I'm familiar with and can't find too much on-line except it is made in Italy.....
  8. I'm not familiar with it either but I like the look of it. The leather looks very soft.:smile:
  9. I like it. It looks trendy, but not too trendy, and the leather looks really soft.
  10. Now you can see why I was so confused! I like it...Do I like it? Yes, I like it! No, I'm not sure I like it, I hate it, no I don't hate it, I like it. I am happy and sorry that I returned it because, of course, I like it and don't like it!! Can a handbag drive a person insane?????
  11. ^ LOL ure so funny...
    I personally think the bag is lovely..
    How much is it? If it's expensive, may u like it, but u think it's not worth the money?
  12. I'm not crazy about the handle with the chain running through it.
    But I LOVE the color and the leather looks really smooth.
    What did it cost?
  13. That's a nice bag. I like the handle with the chain. :yes:

    IMO Tosca Blu makes cute bags, at least the bags I have seen in italian stores have been pretty. The only Tosca Blu bag I own is made of nylon (& it's completely different style) and since I haven't used it much, I don't know how bad/good the quality is.
  14. :biggrin: Tosca Blu makes good quality bags. I really like the one you are thinking about. The color is great and I like the details :smile:
  15. The bag was $129.00 at DSW. I already returned it and I HOPE I'm not having 2nd thoughts about doing that. It slays me that I probably would have had more confidence in buying it if it were MORE expensive and had a familiar designer name attached....I'm NUTS!!