Is anyone familiar with this site?

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know if they sale authentic Coach at this site?
    Thanks! :smile:
  2. It seems very fishy to me. There's Coach distribution, the boutiques, the factory stores, and some retailers. If you don't get it through one of these (or a trusted Ebayer), then I wouldn't trust it with a ten-foot pole...
  3. I wouldn't trust it. This picture from their website is obviously fake

  4. Thanks!
  5. It is not sitting right with me. I would not do it.:tdown::nogood::tdown:
  6. like I mentioned before, Coach only sels to authorized dealers such as major department stores. Anyone who claims to be a distributor or claims that they buy in bulk from Coach is lying because that is not how Coach operates. You can buy authentic from a coach retail store, outlet or from individual or powersellers on eBay mostly who purchase from the outlet or use their PCE to buy things and then jack up the price on eBay or hold onto things so that they are unavailable and make a profit that way but Coach would never sell in bulk to these people or any web site companies.
  7. Hi BeBeStyle. Unfortunately its another fake selling website:tdown:
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