Is anyone familiar with this guide?

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  1. I think you have an even better guide right here on the PF, temo. Between the library and the authentication thread.....and it's free (till you start buying, that is, LOL)!
  2. hey. my friend wrote that guide and is a member here. she is extremely knowledgable about h and is an all around wonderful person.
  3. ^^ Who is it?
  4. I hope I didnt sound like the guide was not a good one. I havent seen it. I only meant the the PF is a great guide as well! :heart::tup:
  5. i pmed you rose
  6. Thanks H
  7. That guide seller also works with her customers to help authenticate bags they might be considering on eBay.
    I would venture to say, though, that the vast majority of people who would benefit from that guide are the ones who *could* possibly be taken in by fakes. And I don't think that is the case with anyone here, from what I can tell!
  8. Wait a minute. Is the seller attempting to show off her H knowledge by publishing a "guide" and making money out of the process?

    In all due respect to this seller, whoever she is, I am not here to doubt her knowledge, don't you even for a moment, consider how dangerous it is to publish too much information, and could land in the hands of scammers?

    We have tried so hard to conceal information about authenticating H bags, so as to keep it within the H tpfers, on a need-to-know basis. And more recently, refusing to even PM members who asked specifically about tell-tale signs etc.

    This is extremely BAD, IMO and I am not hiding it. :tdown:
  9. But Mrss, what about all the people out there who don't know about tPF? :sad:
  10. And how will the seller know if the interested buyer is a genuine buyer, and not a scammer searching for more information to perfect their fakes?
  11. Good question. But by the same token how do we know who people here are? I guess what I am saying is, the info is out there and has been for a long time. I personally don't think this seller, or wicksy22 (I think that's her ID?) or any of the other sellers who provide guides to buying authentic designer items are doing a disservice by consolidating the info because I'm pretty sure the counterfeiters already have much more info than any one individual could ever amass unless they literally camped out at the store and bought a new bag every day! LOL

    I see your point and I can see why you might find it concerning, but really to me personally the potential good (saving people from throwing away thousands on fake bags/giving the counterfeiters a continued market) is outweighing the potential bad.

    Naturally, though, everyone has their own opinions. I'm just sharing mine because I find it an interesting subject.
  12. I read through the seller's feedback and found this >>


    Do we have a coincidence here?

    teh Seller/member may choose NOT to be revealed publicly
  13. Not really.
  14. saving people from throwing away thousands on fake bags/giving the counterfeiters a continued market

    ITA. i understand where you're coming from MsS but honestly I think the seller is just trying to help eBay buyers avoid being scammed. counterfitters don't need the guide, i'm sure they buy bags and take them apart, come here- reading our threads, etc. i think the good on this guide outweighs the bad. it's not like it's a step by step instruction manual on how to make a fake bag. wait, is it?
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