Is anyone familiar with sue123vegas?

  1. Any dealings with this ebay seller? I am soooooo cautious these days :s
  2. Hi dear :smile:

    Although I havent bought anything from this seller but I had a look at her feedback and it's very good. She has users expressing authenticty on her purses she sells.

    I had a look at the Chanel bag she has listed and looks authentic. The stitching is done what u should expect & align with perfection at the back with the pockets. The CC is done well and correct. The inside looks as u any Chanel bag got. Also the auth tab inside is done well and corresponds with the hologram card.

    Her coach bags from pictures show authenticty.

    She has great feedback dear I wouldnt worry 2 much & it seems the seller is very cautious as to issue insurance with her purses. :smile:
  3. ooo and Marly if that u in that pic u look gorgeous I love your bag :smile: