Is anyone familiar with Karen Wilson handbags from Canada?

  1. I recently ran across information about Karen Wilson handbags from Canada. I went to her web site ( and like the bags a lot. Is anyone familiar with the bags? If so, how do they hold up? Would you recommend purchasing one?
  2. iam not, but i tried to seee the prices on their website and they don't appear? what are they around?
  3. From the article I was reading, it sounds like they cost between $200-300.
  4. There are a couple of stores here that carry the line, but I have not seen them first hand. They remind me a bit of Kate Spade. There are a couple that I think are super cute but it depends on the price whether they would be worth it. Most of them are made with fabric and I have to wonder whether they will wear well and how easily they clean up.
  5. They aren't my style...:confused1:
  6. are there actually any fabulous high end canadian handbag designers i should check out?
  7. i love the Oscar wilde quote you have!!!
  8. Her website is cute but the bags aren't really my style. I prefer Kate Spade, if we're gonna compare the two.
  9. I know this post was started a long time ago, but wanted to mention that I have owned a Karen Wilson bag for over a year and absolutely love it. The fabric looks like the day I bought it and I get tons of compliments. Worth the investment!