Is anyone familar with DIETICIANS?

  1. hi ladies!

    I just wanted to know if any of you are familiar with dietiticans and how much it may cost?:P
  2. I am familiar with them, as I used to work in a hospital kitchen in special diets. As to how much it will cost to consult with one, I don't know, but make sure they have a degree in dietetics.

    just out of curiousity, why are you looking to see one?
  3. I am sure it varies. I see an absolutely amazing Dietician in Miami, Fl- she is about $200 for the initial 1.5 hour consultation then $150 for follow ups. But that price does not include supplements, which cost an arm and a leg and then some...

    Either way, my nutritionist has changed my life. I was sick and not healthy at all and she helped me do a 180 degree turn!
  4. Prices must vary A LOT by area, because when I was going to see a dietician, it was only $75 per session. I can only imagine it would cost more in Cali. Even so, it would be worth the money to go. They can get you on the right track with regard to healthy eating.