Is anyone "embarrassed" about carrying lv?

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  1. I feel silly for feeling like this but I've noticed since I bought my lv's I am a lot more cautious of who I take my bags around. People used to give me a hard time about my coaches so I can only imagine what they will say about my lv's.
    What they don't know is I am 24 and I worked hard enough to where I have no bills but my student loan(which is almost paid off), i'm lucky my husband allows me to be a sahm and he has no debt either. I sell my bags for new ones etc. I don't really know why I care but surely I can't be alone in this feeling. Were any of you ladies this way? What did you do to fix it? My delightful was begging to go out today and I didn't because I was meeting a friend for lunch :/
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  2. The only person I am cautious around is my nosey neighbor. She can be really rude at times...or at least has in the past. I think its partly our of jealousy.

    As for anyone else...nope.

    As for your situation, you should be proud that you have no debt and can afford these why not carry them.
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  3. I know what you mean. When I am bringing out a new LV around my family or friends, I am aprehensive about how they'll react. For some reason, they have no issues with coming right out and asking how much things cost!!
    I wear my LV anyway. I wear it because I've paid ooodles for it and refuse to have it just sit on a shelf. When I face scrutiny, I play it off like it's nothing. I mean, we love LV, work hard for it - why should we let other ruin it for us. And in saying this I will still hide my LV from my MIL :wacko:
  4. It seems that LV gets the worse of it. I don't see this problem as often as Chanel or BV (not as many concerns like this posted in the other forums.) Maybe it's because LV's more recognizable because of the Monogram? (Some) Chanel and BV bags cost more than some LVs. But a lot of times, it's when we carry LV that we get stares and unsolicited comments.
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  5. I just got my first Louis, and I felt embarrassed for the first week. But it wore off:smile: Just wear them bc you want to, and don't let others control what you do. You should be proud that you are debt free!!
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  6. I was a little worried when I carried it around my mom for the first time because I'd never seen her with a designer purse. Then when I saw her, she was carrying a Michael Kors, so I put my silly fears to rest. Good heavens, I'm 38! Why did I care?
  7. I never feel embarrassed about my LVs...but that could be because no one makes a case of it! And plus my friends all tend to have designer bags anyway so it doesn't matter. One friend has a gorgeous YSL muse in patent black that I always drool over when she carries it out, lol.

    I say do what makes you happy...and if certain people are gonna make you feel a certain way, then decide whether it'd make you happier to just carry the bag anyway and deal with their questions/comments/etc, or just put it away for another day...(if they are good friends, they're gonna understand if you say something about how uncomfortable you are by certain things they say, and next time will just keep their mouths shut!)
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  8. I don't care. Now I am mindful in instances such as when I'm doing volunteer work. I don't bring my LV to those situations just out of respect since the majority of the work I do is with the working poor/homeless.

    But around friends/family.....I could care less.
  9. i'm not embarrassed at all ... i've worked hard for my bags and i enjoy carrying them. i don't spend a lot on my clothes or shoes because of my job requirements so i don't feel bad about pleasing myself with a new bag. is my collection excessive??? by some's standards yes, but it's what i choose to spend my very hard-earned money on.
  10. I'm not really embarrassed. But I know that some people assume my bags are fake out of jealousy or laugh about me spending so much money on these, for them, "fake-looking" bags. but I don't care.....
  11. I know that same feeling you have. I'm 25, very financially responsible and have 0 debt. I'll be purchasing my first LV bag this year. Most of my friends are 24-26 and still struggle with their finances and budget and I'm terrified when I get my new bag that this will cause problems. I don't want them to think I'm trying to show I'm better than them...I've just saved for this bag for years and I'm finally in a position to buy it.

    It's a tough balance. Maybe try first carrying it out on an outing with your best friend (this should be something you can comfortably carry around your BF of all people without judgment) and when you feel comfortable doing that slowly start carrying it around small groups of your friends till you feel confident your friends don't mind you carrying your bag. That's my plan :smile:

    I'm glad I'm not alone out there worried about the same thing!
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  12. I completely understand how you feel! For some reason, people (especially family members i have found) seem to disapprove of LV bags because they think it's an unnecessary extravagance. I have actually lied and said my bag is fake when asked because its easier than dealing with the inevitable "wow I would never waste that much money on a bag" comments :sad:
  13. I don't feel embarrassed at all. But I do know that some people talk about badly about me behind my back for having them. When they see the bag on me, they're like "oh whatever makes you happy. its beautiful." and then I hear from someone else that they said something not to nice like "she's spoiled. She's too young to have a bag that expensive. She doesn't NEED that" (Im 21 yrs old)
    No duh, i don't "need" a bag. It's a luxury item. Stop stating the obvious.
  14. I am always embarrassed especially at work since so few people carry designer bags at all. I have learned to just wear them ad find myself leaning towards the ebene since its less "noticeable".
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  15. It depends on the situation that I'm in. There are certain places that I'd never bring a high end designer bag to..