Is anyone else's Bal falling apart?

  1. I :heart: Balenciaga and am quite obsessed, but I'm pretty disappointed in the most recent bag I bought, an '06 carmel first. The long tassel thingies fell off after only a few weeks of wear. Has this happened to anyone else?

    I carried a fake Bal for 2 years (I didn't know it was fake until I found this forum and was was a really good fake, though. :rolleyes:.) and it held up better than the real one!

    Did I just get a dud or is it a problem with other people, too?
  2. WHAAAAAA:wtf:....first and foremost...where did you buy your Bal? If it is a reputable retailer...have you contacted the retailer for a replacement/exchange/refund?
  3. I got it at Neimans.. I haven't contacted them about it b/c it has been a few weeks and I can't find the receipt. Maybe I should try anyway.
  4. the wear and tear of the tassels is pretty much hit or miss with Bal. how is the rest of the bag holding up? your bag should have come with spare tassels or you can order replacements for $5 from Balenciaga in New York.

    a lot of people don't mind a split tassel here or there, in fact, some even prefer it!:yes:
  5. Oh my goodness..even without the receipt you need to contact the SA who took care of you..perhaps fax or email photos to her/ sorry to hear of your problem..My personal (limited) experience is that these bags are truly tough and for sure the tassels should not fall off even after years of wear..good luck in finding a replacement that measures up to your 'fake' Bbag!
  6. My cadre of bbags are in perfect condition despite daily use :yes:
  7. My day has tassels that are all split. I wouldn't classify the bag as falling apart. :nogood:
  8. Hmm I guess it's just this one bag, then. I have a messenger that I've used as a diaper bag and have had no problems.

    The tassels haven't split (I actually like that look) they have broken off completely.

    Thanks, Nicole for the tip about $5 replacements - I'll definitely do that.