Is anyone else's baby Coco Cabas' links like this?

  1. I just got a baby coco cabas and noticed that the last chain link at the very bottom of each strap (the link that connects the interwoven strap to the leather ring on the bag on each side) is not closed all the way shut.

    Anyone else notice this and is this a flaw or is this just the way the baby coco cabas is made?

    Thanks in advance for your input!:yes:
  2. I checked my Khaki baby Cabas and all four links are closed.

    Do yours look like they could open easily?
  3. My teal cabas is like yours.
  4. I just received my baby cabas yesterday. All 4 links are closed. Does it look like it will unhinge from the leather?
  5. Did this concern you when you first saw it and have you had any problems with the strap coming out?
  6. I don't think they will open because the link is so solid-you can't move them together or apart by just squeezing them you'd have to have some type of tool. They are pretty set in their place.
  7. Mine are closed.
  8. Mine are open. They are really tight and I could only slip a piece of paper between them. I dont think there moving though.