Is anyone else...????

  1. Treating your new Miroir bag so very carefully??? I am dying to just carry it and enjoy it!! I just feel like I want to protect it!!! I carried it yesterday for the first time and I was so aware of where I put it, how I held it I came home and changed into my ribera...I can toss that baby around...
    Share your thoughts with me!!
  2. I don't have one...but if I did I would be doing the same thing! Shoot when I saw it in the store I was afraid to touch it!
  3. I carried it for 3 hours tops, I have never had so many looks, and comments EVER!!! I wore it into the coach store and the staff were all over it!!! SO funny!! I love it and want to enjoy it!!! Damn...its only a bag!
  4. i don't have one but it looks to me like it doesn't need a heck lot of protection and care when carrying....but i could be wrong...anyone with the experience of carrying the mirior???
  5. I wouldn't think it needs extra care either. If you love it, use it!
  6. I hven't used min eyet .. I thin kmy POchette is for nights out and the speedy deserves a special occasion - like meeting the girls for coffee or something, not just work .. I do think I'll be thinking a bit about it though ..
  7. i've used mine loads since I got I only get a bit twitchy around really busy cramped places & smokers.
  8. I haven't used my speedy yet, but I am going to be careful with it too. I can understand what you mean about being nervous, sometimes it is just so easy to switch to a bag that you know you don't have to worry about, yet you want to carry the special ones so bad. :sad:
  9. Pictures Sunshine?
  10. I'm going to be super careful with my pochette when I get it because it probably will get scratched really easily!
  11. I posted this pic once before...;) but here you go!!
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 124.jpg
  12. I use mine everywear without thinking twice. Everytime I touch it, I really feel like its very scratch resistant. I was ansy the first day but then I just stopped worrying about it. :yes:
  13. How COOL is that .Coach store complementing you.... I haven't worn my Pap out.. but everyone is my family hates it:crybaby:
    But I like it.:supacool:.. I hope I get to stop traffic when i take it out for a spin. :p

    Im scared to even take it out the box for more than a few min... soooo fancy.... Im glad the ladies here have worn it and havent had problems w/ it

  14. I've noticed small scratches on my speedy in the two areas where the clochette and lock rub against the bag. No scratches anywhere else though.
  15. No. I haven't carried my speedy (yet-probably closer to Christmas) but I have tossed my gold pap around all over the place! LOL And still it appears to have to scratches! I think it's more durable that we think! However, I typically put my bags on the floor (I know I am awful) and this one I wouldn't!