Is anyone else this lazy when it comes to food.

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  1. Honestly, I am pathetic and just need to vent about how pathetic I am. I don't know how I got to be this way, but it's getting worse every year of my life.

    I started the Weight Loss Challenge last year because I wanted to lose 10 pounds forever. I ended up losing 5 and the only way I did that was by ordering Nutri System. That is about how much effort I want to put into food. Go online and order it once a month and have it delivered to my door, and then warm it up in the microwave for 1 minute. Even something that takes 5 minutes in the microwave feels like too much work.

    But eventually I got sick to death of NS and stopped ordering it. But I can see me needing it again. I'm just not eating. I don't have a cafeteria at work, so I'm surviving on coffee on the days I don't bring anything (most). Then I go home after work and end up going out for dinner and eating pizza or whatever. I don't gain much weight I guess because I'm surviving pretty much on one meal a day - that I get on the outside.

    My health is perfect - low cholesterol, low BP, you name it - so I don't even have that to motivate me.

    DH isn't much better and thankfully we don't have any kids to feed.

    I'm sitting here starving to death because all I've had today is coffee. I even went out at lunchtime to go to the car dealership and I was too lazy to go through the drive-through at Wendy's.

    I never enjoyed cooking and always hated the grocery store, but the amount of disdain I have for it now is perplexing.

    Am I alone or is anyone else out there this bad? I know lots of people don't like food prep (grocery shopping, cooking, etc) but I think I'm actually willing to starve to death rather than do it.

    I haven't cooked a meal in maybe a year or more.

    Am I alone??
  2. I don't cook either. Nothing wrong with not liking cooking. I hate prep too, that's why stuff like ready cooked chicken breasts etc were created - for people like us! I scramble eggs and pour a mean bowl of cereal....but that's about it. :P
  3. you are definitely not alone - i am in college now, and i do not own any utensils or plates/bowls, and definitely haven't cooked anything in the past two years. i do have a microwave, but i can't remember the last thing i microwaved, and when i am home, i don't eat anything unless its prepared/ready to eat. slightly worried what i will do after college - right now, my method is either not eating or ordering in/eating out.
  4. I know lots of college students that live like this - and to me that is perfectly normal. :P I think I'm weird because I'm in my 40's and I've never changed and it's getting worse. I almost feel like there is something wrong with me. I feel guilty about it. I feel like I should have a nice big meal on the table for DH every night. Not that he feels that way - but that's the way all the women in my family are, what the heck happened to me? I feel like it's a character flaw or something and I have some guilt attached to it!
  5. I'm very lazy when it comes to food prep. I would be awful if it wasn't for Light yogurts and lean cuisine frozen dinners. For my family, I cook, under protest, but I wouldn't win any contests for delicious home cooking.

    How do you feel about yogurt? The light ones (Dannon Light n Fit is my favorite) really come in handy. You do need to eat in order to boost your metabolism in order to lose weight. If nothing more than an apple and a yogurt, you'll be doing better than no food and just coffee.
  6. Do you act like this with cooking/eating only?
  7. My sister is exactly like this. She's 30 (but I'm sure will be that way all her life), and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. She and her husband usually live off things like cereal, fruits and pre-cut veggies, and healthy frozen food (Trader Joe's has some good stuff). The yogurt suggestion is good too. Do you have a fridge/freezer at work where you can stash some yogurts and frozen Lean Cuisines for days you don't bring lunch?
  8. I'm not sure I understand the question?? I'm not very good with anything domestic - but at least I have a housecleaner come in to clean my house. I wish I had a live in chef!! I just think I completely missed out on the domestic gene. I also never wanted kids for a whole host of reasons but man, they seem like they would be a lot of work. I also think dogs are too much work so I have a nice lazy cat that I can totally relate to.

    Ugh. I hate working out with a passion too but I really didn't want to go down that road.

    But I work two jobs plus have a little online sales thing that I do and I LOVE all of those. My friends actually joke with me that I got the second job just so I would have an excuse not to go to the gym.

    So I hate all things domestic plus working out - not sure if that answers your question!!
  9. Yes I do. The only problem is getting to the grocery store. At least DH will do this. I haven't been inside of one in months. My DH is cool with getting groceries so I will have to stock up on this stuff. Thankfully dairy products seem to have a 30+ day expiry date these days, so maybe if I can get him to go once a month he can stock up for me.

    We completely stopped buying perishables because we ended up throwing away bags and bags of fruits and vegies all the time and I felt so guilty about it. We'd get all excited that we were going to cook and we'd buy (well when I say "we" I mean DH) all kinds of ingredients only to throw them away in various stages of mold after a few weeks.
  10. If I were you (and I do this alll the time when I'm having "lazy weeks"), I'd ask your DH to really stock up on some kind of healthy frozen food next time he goes to the store (say, 20-30 Lean Cuisines) and maybe invest in a second fridge/freezer if you have a garage. Then you instantly have a month's worth of work lunches and all you have to do is grab one out of the freezer on your way to work. You can also buy cases of single serve yogurts (as long as you don't get tired of flavors). If you want some variety, you can buy like 5 oranges or apples and keep them in the fridge--they will last a loooong time in there, especially if you put them in the produce drawers. I've found oranges that I don't even remember buying and they're still good as new.
    I've never had the Nutrisystem food, but I'd imagine that a Lean Cuisine + a cup of yogurt or a piece of fruit is just as healthy as Nutrisystem. Plus, there are a ton of Lean Cuisine flavors so it would be harder to get tired of them.
  11. This sounds like my husband and I. I love Trader Joe's, they are life savers!
  12. I guess what I'm getting at, is do you think it might be part of a larger problem, like mild depression?

    Do you have problems getting motivated with other things aside from cooking?
  13. I don't think not wanting to cook is a "problem". No one would ask a male if he was depressed because he didn't want to cook. However starving is not healthy Crissy, a healthy frozen meal is preferable to nothing at all.
  14. omg. i'm like that but I LOVE to cook food. like you, i started changing my diet so i can lose 10 lbs, but ended up just losing 5lbs. i used to work out regularly and eat a lot of food because of that reason alone. then i started working two jobs so i hardly have time to work out and eat. i run on black tea, fruits, soy milk, cereal, brown rice, hard-boiled eggs & homemade yogurt. i'm not gaining weight at all just because my meals are like mini little snacks every 2-3 hours. and when i get a day off, i'm just WAYYY too lazy to make real food. it's definitely because i'm working two jobs. if i had more time in the world, i'd make meals.

    so.. you are not alone
  15. Just cooking, working out and housework - things that I consider chores. I actually look forward to going to work and love my jobs.

    And I've been the same my entire life - always hated those 3 things. I mean I understand no one LIKES housework, I'm just thankful I can afford to hire someone to do that for me. Now if only I could hire someone to exercise for me, that would be awesome. :lolots:

    Nope, not depression. I've been through that occasionally in my life and believe me, I know the difference.