Is anyone else suprised that the Miroir on Ebay isn't already sold?!

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  1. I must say that I am pretty suprised myself!!!

    I thought that all of the miroir stuff would have sold ASAP!!:confused1:

    LOL at least it will still be there if you don't get the stuff you are waitlisted for tomorrow!!:P
  2. Everything sells when the price is right...
  3. ^lol
  4. i'm not surprised. the Papillon retails for something like $1170, but on ebay it's significantly more
  5. I don't see the let trade miroir listing anymore, it appear that the listings were removed
  6. Wow maybe those sold!
  7. Oh went to the website...they are still there just not all the way at the bottom anymore.
  8. I am not, it hasn't even been released yet, why buy above retail, before you even try to get it at the store.
  9. ^good point!
  10. I am not too surprised. The price are almost double on ebay. Maybe one it launches, people will get excited and buy. Who knows?:shrugs:
  11. Excellent point! :yes:
  12. Let-trade's are still on eBay... They must have block the search for the Miroir...

  13. ???Block the search for the Miroir?? What do you mean:confused1: ;)
  14. I'm thinking about getting a few Miroirs myself and selling them on eBay ... just to see what they go for. I had great luck doing this with the Murakami line when it was first released. It didn't work for the Cerises line, though. Should be interesting.
  15. ahhh. im so worried i wont get it!!!