Is anyone else stunned by the number of birkin bags...

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  1. ... carried by women walking along Madison Avenue in New York City on any given Saturday? No matter how many times I see this, it still astounds me. I live here, I am not a tourist. You would think I would be over the shock by now, but I am not.

    This afternoon, in the course of a walk up Madison Avenue from 59th to 80th, I saw 4 black birkin bags, two black kelly bags, and three brown birkin bags. Maybe it was 4, I was losing count by then. And Barneys New York shoppers seem to have the most Hermes bags per capita than any other segment of the population.

    I find all this almost unreal. Does anyone else share my amazement? Most other East Coast cities, you maybe see one birkin bag or kelly bag a day, if that.
  2. Yes, I have been amazed by the density of Hermes bags, specifically Birkins, in that area. Agree that there is nowhere else on the East Coast like it.
  3. Any chance that some are fake?
  4. Wow, I rarely see any Hermes bags in my area and when I do I probably tend to stare (even tho I'm carrying one of my own). I guess I've got to get myself to New York for a while!
  5. I always wonder that too. Some of them maybe - most of them look pretty good, though.
  6. ITA. Usually you see see a nice selection of exotics among the H bags too when shopping in that area.
  7. Most look pretty good to me, too.
  8. you should see the neimans at my part of the world... it's literally ridiculous...
  9. I would say about 20% of the birkins I see on Madison/5th are fake.
  10. Lucky you, getting to ogle all those gorgeous bags! (I do think it's the neighborhood, because the sitings are far fewer downtown.)
  11. Kind of off topic, but I am stunned by the number of Birkins that I am seeing on the shelf these days. There was a time when I had never ever seen one in real life, and now I am seeing several at the store at once... They are not as rare as they used to be...
  12. I agree. My local store had a large travel Birkin in the window for what seemed like months. When I popped inside the other day, there was a Kelly and a Birkin in the glass case.

    I didn't even stop to stare...I'm playing it cool. :supacool:
  13. i know --east side 57th to 75 th is the Birkin/Kelly capital of the world!
  14. Yes, I worked on a matter in NYC last year for 2 months, and there's definitely a lot more wildlife sightings there than any other US cities that I've been to. But I always thought that because I live in LA where everyone goes from door to door in personal vehicles, naturally sightings are a lot less. Of all the major cities I've visited worldwide, I have to say that Tokyo has the densest concentration of H (specifically birkins) I've ever seen. There were birkins everywhere I turned! I would say that Tokyo is the birkin capital of the world.
  15. It is really not that hard to get a birkin now......well nonexotic that is! I remember times when a it took about 2 years to get one can easily find one in 2-3 days( and madrid stores that is)