Is anyone else salivating over these like I am???

  1. Hi ladies,

    I happened upon another blog and found (what I think) are these absolutely spectacular Gucci Grace sandals! Just wanted to share and find out if I was the only one who is :drool::drool::drool: over them!

    They're on pre-order at Saks.
  2. not crazy about the buckle thingy but the color is TDF.
  3. I like it!
  4. Im loving this years Gucci cruise collection. They are all TDF!
  5. omg....i HAVE to have those!!!! nice find!
  6. I like these! The color is kind of like champagne.
  7. I want them.:love:

  8. I totally agree!!!:tup:
  9. They are definitely hot! I've been considering them but I have some similar colored shoes and Mr. Louboutin is doing enough damage to my shoe budget this season. I don't think that is a buckle but square shaped stones. Kind of a take on the detail on top of the Bling Bling shoe by Louboutin.
  10. Love those! I've been admiring them on the gucci site, too. Gorgeous!
  11. YES! I saw these on Saks have been totally drooling over them. If only they were silver I would've ordered them for my wedding.
  12. They're pretty, but they look like they'd tear up your feet. Patent is not very forgiving.
  13. Dainty and feminine. I love buckles on shoes too!
  14. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!!
  15. Also not liking the buckle too much, but the model, heel and color... wow! :drool: