Is anyone else like this?

  1. What are your purse-cravings like?

    I'm starting to see that mine are short, but intense. For about a week or two, I am in LOVE with a certain bag, and then it just sort of fades. For example, I really wanted a Gerard Darel a little while ago, and now I'm not as interested. Same with the Balenciaga Twiggy and the Chloe Edith and the Marc Jacobs Venetia. I still love these bags, but I can sense that they're waning.

    Anyone else like this?
  2. Yes yes! Mine last between 1 night to 2 months.
  3. Yeah, I'm like that too. I used to be really bad at impulse shopping for clothing and stuff so now tend to do a lot of thinking before I put down the credit card. So that means that I end up doing loads of 'research' aka obsessing before I actually buy anything.

    Like you, I was also very into Gerard Darel. I bookmarked certain threads and stared endlessly at pics others had posted. And after careful consideration and upon seeing it in person, I finally bought it in the blue/periwinkle color -love!
  4. *sigh of relief* :P

    I'm glad to know I'm not alone!

    So, are there any purses that you have loved, long-term?
  5. Yes, that's me too. I have learned to *try* to wait a while, at least a week, and if I am still obsessed I might buy. I even have dreams about bags I want. Once the obsession hits, it is hard to let go.
  6. My LV monogram speedy 25 is a bag that I know I will have the rest of my life. It is timeless and perfect. I will use it until it falls apart then buy a new one. Forever and ever.

    I can also see myself keeping my balenciaga caramel box forever. It feels soooo right. Perfect neutral color, size, feels wonderful. I don't care if balenciagas completely go out of style, I'll still love mine.
  7. I hope the same will happen to me before I spend the money on a Spy haha! But with me it always changes. Since I have about 60-70 bags, I always consider selling some, but then I can't when I see them again and fall in love with them again!
  8. oh well and I also dream about the bags I want *sigh*
  9. I hear ya on the dreaming part!

    Ooh, you should totally enjoy your Balenciaga box- it's so pretty! What an incredible bag!
  10. YES! I'm the same way! I'm a big obsessor, myself (and I prefer to call it "research" too)!

    I would love to see pictures of your Gerard Darel. The color sounds incredible! Who knows, you might re-awaken my GD craving! ;)
  11. Yep. Glad to know I'm not the only one that like this. :P I was like that with the Paddington for a few weeks then all interest faded.
  12. I'm totally like this. If I can keep myself from buying the purse and wait a few months (2-3), if I still want it, then it's something that I'll probably want for life. :love:

    (The problem is sometimes the styles I want get discontinued or sold out! :sad2:smile:
  13. My Balenciaga pewter city.

    Actually I do have a list of bags that I would like to have, but the urge to possess them immediately subsides usually within a week once I "come to my senses". I think it's impt to keep oneself in control, so no matter how obsessed I feel any point in time, I just tell myself to wait and see. I can actually spend hours pondering over what I want.... *sweatdrop*
  14. Same! I was lusting after the paddington for 2 months (my longest) But after hanging around this forum, I decide that I do not want this bag because of the weight.
  15. I think your feelings are very common. I usually lust after a bag, research it, try it on (by this time I know if I really want it) and then finally buy it. But the real test is the two to three weeks I keep the bag, during that time I may find that the bag is not practical enough or I'm not 100% in love with it anymore so, I return it!...but that rarely happens. So, all the bags that I own I truly am in love with...that's the reason why I can't get myself to sell any!