Is anyone else hoping for a togo kelly before Xmas??

  1. I know its a silly question, but I have been waiting for one for some time black or gold, 28 cm, soupple, with silver hardware. I see more and more kellys arriving in the local SA says, she thinks very likely before end of year that one of these guys will pop up. It seems not unreasonable, but I dont want to be disappointed either, or be waiting for godot. What do you think? Should I put my hopes on hold, maybe think of this as a "1Q 2007" issue? or maybe even a "FY 2007" issue? (I would think something should turn up by Oct 1, 2007 - I would hope even the black birkin I am supposedly "in the system" for, will turn up by then, dont you think?). But who knows. There is no rhyme or reason to this, is there.
  2. stephanie, I think it is no harm checking in with your SA regularly for your kelly. (But I don't mean pushy) A black togo souple kelly is such a classic and I think it's a great choice. Do impress upon her that you wish for this to be in an orange box and placed under your Xmas tree. ;) I am sure your nice SA will do her best to help you get it by the end of the year. There are 12 days of Xmas afterall, and it overlaps with the new year! Stay positive. Just don't stop asking. Best of luck! :P
  3. Sigh....I love the Kelly. Your choices are popular colors, but they do make a good amount in black and gold so you have a great chance!
  4. Honey, i am living your "Hermes dilemma"!!!!!
    There are some wonderful books out there
    "The Power of Patience"
    and "the Four Agreements" are good starts!
    I am blessed beyond belief with good fortune but I am SO NOT RICH!!!!
    Everytime my fund reaches $3500, I DIE and start thinking about Evelynes, GPs , Valparisos.....or TONS of other HERMES...then I ....
    reach for my books....breathe deep....and go to Target, or visit
    " B country" (Bergdorfs, Bendels & Burberry) oh hum....just to look!!!
  5. I've seen several gold togo Kelly's pop up in BH and SCP. Is your SA checking around for you?
  6. At least at my Hermes, there is a big increase in inventory around Christmas time. So I think that if you follow the great advice you have been given to remain positive and politely check with your SA, there is good likelihood that you will be able to have an orange box under your tree, :smile: .
  7. There will be many Kellys delivered to Hermes before the year is out...odds are in your favor!
  8. Wow nice one...that's in a popular size in a poppular color so I think you should be getting yours by X'mas :smile: Good luck!
  9. im salivating for a togo Kelly by xmas. white or orange!!!
  10. Stephanie, I've read of people walking into the stores for the first time and getting some beautiful pieces, including a much wished for Kelly.

    It can happen, I feel, especially when you add an SA watching out for you....
  11. you will just know steph,
    my first hermes handbag is my most special, my second handbag was a mistake purchase, and I know my third will be wonderful.
    live and learn....sheeesh
  12. I'd love one...