Is anyone else here fascinated with certain historical figures? I love...

  1. reading and/or watching anything about Marie Antoinette...Right now, I'm watching a documentary about her on PBS. I cannot wait to see the movie about her starring Kirsten Dunst. The costumes and makeup are going to be beautiful!!!:love:
  2. whats the name of the movie
  3. i love Marie Antoinette too! and i love the history of England's Tudor Dynasty and Rome's Borgia Dynasty
  4. Oh, I also looove the story of Marie Antoinette!!! I love reading about her, I think she was sooo interesting! I also love reading about royal families of England, and Spain!
  5. I'm fascinated by General MacArthur. I know, totally weird, there's no explanation for it. Hee hee...
  6. That new movie sounds fab. :heart: :drool:

    I like the Tudor history, too. :yes: I like most of the ones listed. I don't know about anyone else, but I also am fascinated with people of America's early history, Washington, Jefferson, ect and also the with civil war stuff (more the South) like Robert E. Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson.
  7. Tudor history and ancient Rome.
  8. I'm not really fascinated w/ any certain historical figure...but I really love learning about wars, kings, & such. Loved history when I was in school. But, I hated learning about government...boring!
  9. Not really historical figures... I love watching programs on WW2 ...and also on Poets who are no longer alive, if that counts. I really loved "Sylvia" with Gwyneth Paltrow, although that was a movie.
  10. I have loved so read about Jackie Kennedy (Jackie O!!) since high school. She's just so stunning and classy - and man, could that woman shop.
  11. I love historical trivia. I just mooch off whatever BF is watching usually (program on the Founding Fathers, the Civil War, etc). I love getting trivia stuff from it like how the Founding Fathers are with each other and stuff like that.
  12. I just love history in general. The history channel, history international, military channel, etc. are on at my house all the time.
  13. i love amelia earhart. love her! what a mystery.
  14. I love her, also. :supacool: