Is anyone else having trouble with eBay tonight....??

  1. Grrrrrr....i'm having to sign in to my eBay account every couple of pages, i'm trying to sell something, all to no avail, as i keep having to sign in then all my input information is lost!!! :mad:

    Ok, feel better now, needed to vent!:sweatdrop:
    Anyone else having trouble accessing eBay tonight?:confused1:
  2. I hope you are really signing into eBay instead of a fake ebay page!!
  3. Hey thanks - i did check that, double check and triple check, not that i'm paranoid or anything..:sweatdrop:
    But the page said it was secure (https) so i'm positive that's not the issue!:idea:
    Wonder if it's just my computer...:sad:
  4. yeah, it's been acting a bit wonky for me here and there today too.

    This is why I use an external photo host/listing service, by the way.
  5. Sellers stated they were having problems listing lately too.
  6. Hm the only problem i'm having is finding too much to bid on :graucho:

    Good luck getting your items listed!
  7. I was trying to list the other day and I got all the way done and got an error saying to fix my financing section. There was no section that had that and I did a live chat and she said oh yeah we know that just start all over from scratch and you'll be fine. Easy for her to say :cursing: Then sure enough same thing 2 days later. You think with all their $$ they could fix their problems!!!! GRRR!
  8. omg - i totally agree!
    It's the frustration of getting almost done then it all disappears before your very eyes. So infuriating..:confused1:
    Thanks all for your replies:heart: