Is Anyone Else Having This Problem?

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  1. I keep trying to log on to ELuxury and I get a website called:

    Welcome to Leather Belts and Bags

    What the heck?:rant:
  2. Nope. Are you sure you're spelling it

    Maybe you made a typo? :biggrin:
  3. Lol! At least it wasn't a porn site!

    I just went onto ELux right now and it's just fine. Surfed around the site, no problems.
  4. Yeah, its fine so far. Are you sure you didnt click on an advertisement or misspelled it?
  5. I think it's a Spyware problem. I just googled ELux and it came up fine. It's just when I try to type it in my browser myself.

    I love technology.
  6. i just checked, the site is fine.....
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