Is anyone else having issues with TPF???

  1. I am super confused.

    when i use to new TPF setting, it has a hamster running on it and a message saying "adding additional". BUT when i change it to the old prefrence, the TPF is up and running!

    I do notice that people are posting, and I can too but everynow and then the screen flips back to the running hamster.

    Whats going on!!??:shrugs:
  2. OMG...that sounds really strange...I see no hamsters on mine and I am using the new setting... I wouldn't know what to tell you
  3. no problem here...
  4. thats sooo wierd....
  5. i got the same problem twice!and i use the old format:shrugs:
  6. I had a hamster the other night (2 nights ago?) It was cute! But I have had no problem since.
  7. LMAO, a hamster??? NO clue, I use the old format!
  8. Haha, that never happened to me. Sure sounds strange. I ues the new layout.
  9. is this a joke?
  10. I would figure not considering that today is the SECOND of April...but...never know!
  11. No, I've seen the hampster, too. Twice late nights. It says "scheduled maintenance" under the hampster or somesuch.
  12. The hamster goes up when the forum is turned off and we are doing site maintenance... but Let Vlad double check me on this and make sure it is nothing else. :yes:
  13. I love that hamster! So cute!