Is anyone else going to be in the Tents at Bryant Park for Fashion Week NYC?

  1. I'm so excited! I landed a job as a stringer so I get to be in the tents, like with an official invitation and everything! I have to do work while I'm there BUT I AM SO DYING OF EXCITEMENT HERE. Seriously. It's not every show and it's sort of a trial situation but I AM SO EXCITED!

    Is anybody else going? I know it's hard to get in, but I figure there must be some TPFers that go.

    Eeek! So much to do before Feb! I need to figure out what to wear, how to act, questions to ask, who to focus on...

    I am thinking business suits since I need to be professional. Maybe I could get an LV agenda and replace the calendar with paper so I can take notes in it. Hm...
  2. I have no idea what to wear!!! This is so daunting.
  3. How exciting for you. I know you have to work, but have fun and try to take in as much as you can..... so you can report back to us! ;)
  4. ^^ Oh I will wordpast! Eeek! I have soooo much research to do now. It's not enough to know the brands and their history, now I feel like I need to know the back story on the people I will be seeing there.
  5. I think that will be such an incredible experience!!! You will have to have a thread with pics and detailed stories!! I am sure they will be worth sharing!!!!
  6. I will have an official photographer from the magazine with me, so I am not supposed to be taking pics and the ones he takes will be for the magazine. I was trying to figure out how I could get a spy cam in with me but since it's my first fashion week I don't really want to get booted.

    This is a trial thing atm, so hopefully things go well and I get to go next season too!

    I will however get to interview celebs and designers! Exciting!
  7. congrats purly!! i'm excited for you and insanely jealous =)
  8. Congratulations! Please pardon my ignorance, but what is a stringer?

    At any rate, if your position calls for a suit, then by all means that would be the way to go. Since it's Bryant Park, maybe you could add a little "edge" to the outfit with unexpected shoes or a jacket with an usual cut or a blouse in a contrasting color that doesn't so much blend with the suit, but jumps out, so to speak. IDK, just thoughts off the top of my head.

    Have a great time and YEA!!! for you. How wonderful!:yahoo:
  9. hopefully it is not like a :p

    Do tell.. what is a stringer?
  10. Hey girls,

    A stringer is a loose term for a kind of reporter. Hope that helps to explain things a little.

    I've been looking at photos snapped here and there of the press and most of them seem to wear head to toe black :confused1: -- do I really HAVE to wear all black? Oh dear.
  11. You can wear whatever you want. Seriously, anything goes.

    And, yes, you can take photographs.

    Have fun!
  12. Congrats!!!

    I REALLY want to go, have a blast!
  13. Thanks Sonya. I take it you've been there before? I totally need a primer.
  14. ooooh, what mag do you work for? if you don't want to say it publicly, can you PM me? i'm in my last semester of a magazine journalism degree. i'd be so interested to know!

    oh, and just like i'm sure everyone else is, i'm so jealous!
  15. PMing you amanda