Is anyone else getting turned off by all the negitive reviews on LV..?

  1. I'm really getting turned off by all the articles, posts, reviews etc on how LV is too mass markets, materials made in china, etc etc....I thought this was supposed to be a fun purse obsession forum....I loved to log on and escape from the real world, and just be entertained for a while on looking a pretty bags and window shopping ;)

    Anyone else feel the same? This is supposed to be a fun forum, not a downer :sad: ...while I don't entirely object on the facts...but I just want to have a nice fun enjoyable experience on here ;)

    Lets have some fun!
  2. Yeah, I'm with you. I'd like to shallowly obsess about my purse addiction without having to deal with the grim realities of our luxury obsession really being mass marketed to everybody or that 49.5% of our bags' materials are really not made in France or Italy. LOL It is escapism for sure, just like window shopping at a mall or something. Nice to see some facts and I do like being informed, but lately it seems that there are too many negative vibes.
  3. Well said, diorgrl !!!!!

    You can definitely count ME in as one who will NEVER "diss" this brand !!!!!

    Anyone else?????
  4. I'm in!!! No matter how much they say about LV, I still love the brand! I certainly want the attitude of their SAs to change though LOL:graucho:
  5. This is an LV forum and I dont understand why there is so much negativity about it! People in here are supposed to love LV!
  6. DIORGRL I totally agree! to all of the haters go somewhere else. we LVOE and enjoy or L.V's:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. i totally agree..... spread the L_oVe !!!
  8. I agree too! :woohoo:

    I am TOTALLY sick of all of the negativity! It is one thing to voice your opinion because we all have one, but to just be plain rude to another fellow TPF'er is MEAN!
  9. What?!? I've been gone for a week and people have been LV bashing?? :bagslap: How DARE you!
  10. my collection is mostly LV so when people diss LV I feel sad because I love it sooo much...
  11. If "negative reviews" is referring to problems/defects people have noticed or had with their bags or with customer serivce or repairs... I do like to know about them so I am aware of it and can learn about the best way to go about solving the problem should it ever happen to me. =)

  12. oh, i don't think anyone thinks stuff like this is negative review. it's CONSTRUCTIV and HELPS as you said.

    but you're right diorgrl.
    LV and bags anyways should be fun!!!
    negative reviews are done by ppl who can't afford LVs, hate LVs or don't have a life besides... :p (just kidding... NOT...)
  13. I agree with you, ladies. Unfortunately, it's the fact that LV is the brand that is the most popular among the counterfeiters.

    No matter what people say, I still love this brand and nothing will stop me from buying LV items :smile:.
  14. hehe, i agree. screw everyone, i love my LV. monogram, denim, miroir.... classic or trendy, whatever. love it.
  15. Darn! I don't want to know that they are not all from France....