Is anyone else getting a ton of fake Ebay emails?

  1. I keep getting tons of questions from "buyers" sent to my email account on my items for sale but they are all scams! They make no sense and are always about checking out other wholesale do I make this stop!!:cursing:
  2. I don't think you can. But if you report to eBay they will confirm that they are scam and can remove them individually. But then the next scammers start sending them so it is endless.....:confused1:
  3. I get this also and just ignore them-
  4. it's sooooo annoying! It comes up as "question regarding your item" and then it's like the most random thing ever! I delete them all but it really is annoying. I wonder what happens if you click on their links!
  5. Yes, I got 7 today alone!
  6. WOW! I think I may have gotten that many too actually! I wonder if something seriously wrong is going on with eBay....soooo many stories of hacking and emails and what not going around.
  7. i get tons of fake paypal e-mails.
    i forward them all to paypal.