Is anyone else experiencing difficulties with ebay?

  1. Recently, when listing designer items, the item is not listed for up the 24 hours, and then, every time I revise the listing, it is "newly listed" again and has a sunshine symbol.

    This was never a problem until this evening when I click on the listing it says "invalid item" for both my listings.

    However, I have checked my email and eBay has not removed them (or at least not contacted me).

    The items are still able to be found through search, but are "invalid" when you click the link.

    I'm getting worried that this problem is going to continue and no-one will be able to bid on the items before they end. :crybaby:

    Anyone having a similar problem? I really hope it's not just me....
  2. sometimes eBay do maintentance in the site , this can cause your listings to show but not be able to click onto , don't panic just yet , if it doesn't show later then i would take them off and start again , quicker response than waitin for eBay to reply to emails .
  3. Yes, I'm having the same problem. So annoyed!
  4. I've had the same thing happen to me about a month ago. I listed a designer bag and a hardcover book at the same time. I was able to search the book right away but the bag didn't come up just as quickly. So after about 3 hrs later I tried again and it wasn't there but I can see on the counter that I had people viewing it. I spoke with someone on eBay through Live Help and they said that since my title included 3 searches (messenger, diaper, weekend bag) it takes a while for the system to put it in those three search engines but that didn't explain why other people can see it and not me? :shrugs: Anyway, long story short, it was there the next day so don't worry it'll get there eventually. As long as you have people looking at it that's all that matters, right? :tup:
  5. Yeah the designer stuff always lags in getting listed, which makes me annoyed that the fakes even end up getting through!

    I'm selling some designer ADS and they took 24 hours to show up. It's not like they even had to have Vero look at it or anything.
  6. My things have receipts and everything - but this was just a revision that I did, I wasnt listing another item or anything...
  7. I listed 5 bags last night, and just so happens the cheapest bag I listed appeared first and it was the LAST item I listed. So weird. I mean my other bags showed up this morning, but I just thought that was very odd that the cheap bag appeared within the hour but the rest not till this morning. And I don't know about the whole thing about multiple search criterias since they were all very similar.
  8. Okay - I've figured out what happened to my listings!

    On both my auctions I wrote "make me an offer and I will set up a buy it now price".

    Ebay thought I was trying to avoid fees. I was really just trying to get a fair idea of what BIN price buyers were wanting to pay.

    What frustrates me is, I've done this on plenty of listings, and now, 1 day before the listings end, they have removed them both.

    Buyers are probably going to think they were fake now.

    I'm so dissapointed.
  9. oh no, is that what happens? Ebay doesn't try to contact you first prior to removing it to inquire about what you meant by making an offer? doesn't seem fair that you can't even explain yourself! i didn't even know there were such rules about what not to write on your auction. they're so strict w/ little things like this yet there are tons of fakes floating around on Ebay. i guess they only look out for themselves.
  10. Yes from what I have read ebay likes to remove listings before telling you what is wrong with them.

    I wish they could have told me to remove those three little words!

    I worry that buyers assume my items are fake!!!
  11. Also, once you list a bag, and it finally shows up, try NOT to make revisions or corrections at that time. You will go back in the hold-up line and it will take another 6-8 hours for the corrected listing to show up.
  12. Yes yes yes - i had this just this week when i listed a Chloe bag and a pair of mens gloves (lol):p

    I agree about the not revising items, as that will hold things up more.
    I contacted eBay to ask why my items were not showing - eBay replied, saying that because i had revised the listing a few times, the item will not show up in search.

    I lost well over a day on my 10 day auction.:rolleyes:
    (Meanwhile all the fake items were going up quick as a flash!!):mad:

    Hang in there BC - i hope your listings are still there somewhere :flowers:
  13. Ebay is really weird about removing listings. I see all kinds of fake stuff they allow...all you have to say evidently is it is authentic. If you are not sure and say as much they remove it. I think it promotes dishonesty!!