Is Anyone Else Disappointed In How The Escale Collection Was Handled?

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  2. It is quite surprising to see people coming here to judge others like that. Yes, there is a pandemic going on...but this is PurseForum - isn't the purpose of this forum to exchange ideas about these expensive items?? Like, if you disagree, then what the hell are you doing here? I sincerely don't understand. Seems contradictory to me.
  3. Many people seem to be on edge :sad: There have been more and more judgmental posts as of late, to the point where I'm questioning why they're on TPF in the first place if they don't want people discussing their "frivolous spending".

    It's so easy to be caught in the moment and say something snarky, sometimes it's important and stop typing, and maybe hit the back button if you're in the middle of a post like that. I know I have a few times in the last few days :smile:
  4. Resized_20200324_104704001002 (2).jpg Resized_20200324_104704001002 (2).jpg I'm just gonna leave this here!
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    I am just dealing with complete frustration over their new "payment gateway system" and how it is an utter and complete disaster. Apparently it's new this month and it is atrocious. I have a credit card with no limit and they accepted my orders for the new launches using this new system online AND over the phone, approved and got authorization from my credit card, then LV never completed the orders, so LV cancelled them. 100% their errors, over and over. And now they lost my stock by cancelling so they're saying I have to find the Speedy again on my own. I am beyond furious. :annoyed::annoyed::annoyed::annoyed::annoyed:

    And OP Janeetai- I totally noticed the bucket hat was at 0 right away, which seemed silly (ie impossible) that it was already out of stock. Definitely a game, or a very messed up system.
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    I am getting tired of peoples judgmental high horse posts as well. Yeah sure these are rough times for many but for many it is always rough times. People are starving to death, homeless, dying from disease ect since the launch of this forum and that never stopped anyone from spending thousands on bags or talking about what many wish would be their problem but yet now all of the sudden its a no no.

    Meanwhile the "sheltering in place with LV" thread is going on just fine, no complaints. I personally found that thread to be slightly tone deaf however I understand that this is the purse forum so I let it be. I did not rip the OP to shreds for it I simply decided not to take a picture of my designer handbag lounging in my Jacuzzi tub while surrounded by candles with a glass of wine.

    Also to the person who said spending 750.00 dollars on a bucket hat is ridiculous again this is the purse forum. People including myself spend 2 grand plus on bags and many people would find that ridiculous but that is why we post here. This is a forum for fashion lovers and a place not to be judged for spending money on fashion.

    I do not care if I get hate for this post either I been a member here for over a decade and those are my thoughts. I get people are on edge now and maybe that is why people are so quick to jump down others throats at moment but I just hope people do not feel run out of the community here,
  7. I don’t care who does or doesn’t buy bucket hats, bags with stimulus funds or any other item. Unless you’re hoarding PPE and then I‘m nowhere near objective because my daughter is a RN.

    The bickering on the forum is out of control with stressed out people ranting incessantly at each other without apparent regard for the fact that they’re driving others away.

    Back when the forum gets back to normal. Hope all of you and your families stay safe and healthy.
  8. I didn't buy from this release, but it was nice to go online and actually see items available from this line for 'place in cart.' Usually with these anticipated releases everything for online shoppers is 'notify me' immediately and those with an SA get first dibs. I guess I was happy to see equal access to the collection for once, and for several days. I bet stores will still have product when they re-open though. I looked last week? By now I'm sure everything is gone, although I saw straps still available.
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  9. You could’ve chose to read and ignore, yet you chose to respond in this manner. Forum participants like you are the reason newbies are afraid to even post and interact. The one positive result of your post is that I now know who to block, you and everyone who took the time to like your miserable post.
  10. YES!!! Seriously YES!!!
    I don’t know about everyone else, but I come to TPF to decompress. The purse forum is a space that should be filled with light fun banter about the commonalities that we all share despite coming from many different ethnic backgrounds and socio economic statuses. This is like a safe space to forget and have a bit of relaxation after dealing with the stress that is currently the world we live in. I’m so sick and tired of all the snarky comments of people who choose to be rude and spread division when they could just ignore and move on.
  11. It is super frustrating. What bothers me the most is that no matter what is happening in the world, there are always people in need and people suffering. By the logic of those who post "you should be ashamed to think about buying a purse in times like these", no one should ever think about buying luxury, because for some it's always a rough time.

    It is always good to think about and help people in need, and it is always good to be mindful of your spending no matter what is happening in the world. Yes, the pandemic may make some re-evaluate their priorities, but people need to get off their high horse and stop lecturing others on what is/isn't acceptable. If talking about purses or talking about buying a purse during the pandemic is viewed as inappropriate, those people are welcome to get off the forum and come back when the pandemic is over.

    The same people who are making posts like that are themselves talking about purses and signing onto TPF. I've noticed lately that some people have solely been posting to lecture others. Why are they here?! Why don't they go to the Money forum, or get off TPF altogether?! It just takes one person to say something snarky, and the rest will pile on. I have blocked so many people over the last few days, especially those with a pattern of behaviour especially on this LV forum.

    I hope @janeetai gets her bucket hat and shares her purchase here. We all need a little bit of cheering up.
  12. Exactly! We may be dealing with a pandemic, but some people are struggling with great personal issues daily. We should always be mindful of helping other and planning fir our financial safety.

    The current events have made me have a greater appreciation for family and health. I am also happy that my job and DH business hasn’t suffered. However, the suffering of those around me has caused me great sorrow. I have tried to do my part within my community, but after all I experience day to day, I come here to be happy for myself and others.

    The LV forum used to be so peaceful, now I feel people gather here waiting for that one rude comment so they can all follow suit. Instead many should stop and think, is it helpful, it’s it kind? If not, just move on to the next thread. You aren’t forced to comment.

    OP try reaching out to your LV SA. Mine has contacted me to see if I am in need of any charge sends.
  13. I think you're a bit too worked up about the whole ordeal. Just contact them after a week or two, talk to an SA. Many of them have online profiles on Instagram. Stock will slowly come in, not all things will be available at launch. Having frustration over subpar service is understandable, just don't get too upset about it. There's a pandemic going on, it's fair to expect that nothing will work as normal.
  14. I agree @karman @NLVOEWITHLV that there are always things going on and people are always going through hard times, so that is something to keep in mind. People don’t need to bully others under the guise of “it’s a pandemic.” If you want to be positive, practice what you preach.
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  15. Hey sweetheart I’m sorry you’re going through what you’re going through. So many times when new stuff come out, I too miss out. It’s crazy but I stalk the site. I guess I have a lot of time on my side to do such.
    I hope you are able to get what you wish. I will keep an eye out for you. Good luck.