Is Anyone Else Disappointed In How The Escale Collection Was Handled?

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  1. #16 Mar 26, 2020 at 12:07 AM
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020 at 12:27 AM
    Gotta admit kinda disappointed in the judgement in this thread... as if some of you haven’t lusted over something and felt frustrated when you were in able to get it. I’m also sure many of us have sought after something that others aren’t interested in. And just because there’s stuff going on in the world doesn’t mean we need to judge people for still enjoying the things they always have. This is the LV thread. Not the lifestyle or coronavirus or anything else thread
  2. Many people would say it’s ridiculous to pay thousands for a canvas bag, so I am certainly in no position to judge someone for wanting a $750 bucket hat!
  3. sometimes when life becomes very overwhelming someone might hyper focus on something small and more “controllable”. The time spent typing up a LV rant might fill what otherwise might have been time spent in fear, panic or any number of difficult feelings.
  4. I don’t think anyone was judging the OP wanting the hat. It has nothing to do with the hat really, although, it’s just a hat & life goes on for the fortunate. I was actually speaking to her very harsh criticism & extreme judgment of how LV handled this release during a time like no other in my lifetime. So it’s ok for her to make those judgments and voice her opinion but we can not because we disagree? See the hypocrisy there? Everyone is entitled to their opinion yes, even those we don’t agree with. Even those you don’t agree with. No one person or business is perfect.

    I believe we are all trying to do the best we can however we can and maybe everyone should count their blessings instead of casting negativity everywhere.
  5. I don't live in OP's brain and it's not my style to make assumptions so I can only comment objectively. It appears that she has created this thread with the intention to bash a company and expecting people to validate her sentiment, which I applauded the members who remain neutral and even offered to help her locate the hat instead of fueling her with more negativity. OP has pretty much abandoned this thread because she wasn't getting the type of responses she want. I'm not one to pass judgement on someone's spending behavior (you do you :smile:), but I was perplexed to see someone losing their marbles over a hat. At the end of the day, it's not that deep and we're here chatting about designer goods. ;)
  6. Oh I understand now. If you're perplexed it makes sense to call her or her post "simply atrocious". If you don't understand why try compassion first? If someone seems upset and is losing their marbles in a time of great stress best to call them wicked. got it.

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  7. Yup, this was a mistake coming on here. See y’all on the other side of this ✌
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    Actually I feel that simply by saying she or everyone should count their blessings is passive judgement. How do you know she isn’t counting other blessings? Why does she have to count her cleanings and not express or feel negative about something? Oh right, bc or coronavirus and the sensitive time in the world? Come on. She is entitled to be irritated with something just as you or anyone else is, but yes she is being judged in this thread by people who say things like what you just did, as well as other posts which blatantly judge her for wanting the hat and make fun of her for feeling bothered by her experience/feelings about the release/hat.during these times. Yes in those and many posts she is being blatantly judged. I’m sorry you don’t see it, which is a bit of an unfortunate and dangerous perspective to maintain. I wasn’t just singling out or referencing your post. You’re allowed to disagree but keep the judgment to yourself. This is the LV thread as I mentioned, not the lifestyle section of the forum. The fact that you said “I don’t think anyone is judging OP for wanting the hat” is troublesome to me. Perhaps you should read over some of the comments to better understand what blatant and veiled judgement look like.
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  9. Wow- “I was perplexed to see someone losing their marbles over a hat.”
    Pure judgment in case some of you don’t notice that. On many levels. Allow me to explain since many don’t get it. 1. You are judging and assuming she is “losing her marbles.” Not a great direction to go based on her post by assuming she’s nuts. 2. she is “losing her marbles” or whatever jargon/saying you wish to use to state she’s rather upset, your second judgment is then that she has lost her marbles over a hat. Listen. She’s mad and annoyed about the way the release was handled. I can see that: I’m not a die hard LV girl but I can tell she was told many things and was hoping to seek the item she was waiting for and bc of lack of info and timing, could not. So if she wants to be upset over a hat, let her. Don’t judge her. We’ve all been upset and irritated about things, big, medium and small, significant to us and perhaps insignificant to others, and it isn’t up to us to judge.
  10. Yes you’re right, I & others should keep our judgments/opinions to ourselves but you & the OP shouldn’t? SMH. Agree to disagree.
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  11. You are very dangerous in your stance. Please do not put words in my mouth/message that I didn’t say. I never said no one should express their opinion; I mentioned and pointed out the judgement in your and others posts and the disappointment in the judgement being thrown her way. In fact you failed to acknowledge any of that and closed your mind to it and just replied with a narrow minded shut down. The way that you took my message and read it as “no one else is allowed to talk” just reinforces the troubling and narrow minded perspective you are sharing. The fact that I mentioned that people should stop judging her and that you interpret that as everyone should not express their opinions just reinforces exactly my point. Smh indeed and agree to disagree. I don’t engage with people who aren’t being open minded and who behave like that as the narrow mindedness is pointless to argue with. I can see based on your follow up that this is pointless. Please try to consider your words and their implications. Have a nice day.
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  12. #27 Mar 26, 2020 at 3:44 PM
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    I'm going to reply to all this in one post because I'm very thankful to some of you while some others absolutely disappointed me.

    First of all, thank you to @Swe3tGirl @jasmynh1 @leechiyong @karman @mzbaglady1 @ray72277 @LVlvoe_bug @TraceySH @amandacasey @LemonDrop for all your kind words, advice, suggestions and insight. I appreciate you all for guiding me to what I should be doing and I truly thank you for your posts. I didn't need anyone to agree with my views, just wanted to know how to handle this and y'all really helped! Thank you once more! I have two SAs who reached out when seeing this and are looking into it and hopefully I'll be able to get a piece when the time comes.

    @kbell and @waterlily112
    No, I was not "abandoning" this thread because I "didn't get the responses" I wanted. I've been in the ER for two days now volunteering my help because my local hospital was overwhelmed and I needed to help them. So sorry I could not check the purse forum and responds to your subpar posts and non-constructive advice. Honestly, your behaviour was "simply atrocious" when you could have responded in kindness like most people managed to. If you two are so into promoting positivity then perhaps y'all should practice your own advice.

    We're on the PURSEFORUM, where people spend outrageous amounts on money on ridiculous things because we WANT to. It's meant to be a judgement free zone where we can discuss our shopping or wish lists without fearing people judging us on how much we are willing to spend on it. If I want my bucket hat, I'm not going to hesitate talking about it here in fear of offending people like you. If you don't like that, feel free to go to the Hermes forum and complain about them spending 200k on leather bags or the thousands of others posts on our own LV forum about buying their 6th toiletry pouch (especially during this time). If no one else is getting judged for wanting to buy at this time then I shouldn't be either. I'm not judging anyone on their shopping habits, never, so who gave you the right to?

    My thread is not even only about the bucket hat. It is about how LV is choosing to release a collection despite all the chaos, after misleading half of their own SAs to believe 3/4 different scenarios surrounding the launch and then releasing small amounts of items at a time to keep the hype up. On top of that, every SA says something different, Client Services has no idea what's going on and Live Chat just said "Its never coming back". I'm tired of their stocking games and lack of information and I think I'm fully entitled to complain about that (just like certain people on this forum complain about one stitch being out of line on a bag). I just wondered if I was alone in feeling the way I was feeling or if anyone else also shared the sentiment. I'm not forcing my opinion on anyone and a simple "No I don't feel this way, I liked the way the launch was handled" would have sufficed to voice your opinion. Shame on you for sitting here judging someone on THE PURSEFORUM (where again, WE TALK ABOUT SUPERFICIAL THINGS) when you yourself are on this forum escaping reality even for a few moments.

    I would highly suggest that you walk into your local hospital right now and see how much those people are suffering, or take the time to talk to your cashier and see how they're putting their life on the line to serve people like you. At least I'm still aware of whats going on around me and am doing my part while you complain about me being a little whiny on a forum. So no thank you but I will continue to want my bucket hat and stay disappointed by how LV North America chose to launch the collection despite what's happening right now and throwing people into the disappointing situation of having to acquire the items themselves when they have other things to also worry about (LV Middle East has postponed the collection till June cause at least they have their priorities straight). Yes you are entitled to your opinions and can defend LV all you want but if LV did something wrong then I'm not gonna sit here quietly and take their BS as usual.

    Don't like it? Don't have to comment on this thread. End of.
  13. #28 Mar 26, 2020 at 3:59 PM
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020 at 4:19 PM
    Well said. And I was also going to mention how they were making assumptions that you “abandoned the thread because you weren’t getting the responses you wanted,” but I let that one slide cause there was just too much to unpack in the rest of their dreck. Good for you. What a response.
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  14. I honestly hope you get the hat - it is super cute! And after all of this... Phew! You definitely deserve it! :smile:
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  15. @janeetai it probably wasn’t handled the best way from LV but maybe they thought releasing it now instead sitting on the inventory would help. I am watching out for your bucket hat!!!! Tell me the size you need..thank you SO MUCH for volunteering your time to the hospital, I know it was appreciated! :heart: