Is Anyone Else Disappointed In How The Escale Collection Was Handled?

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  1. #1 Mar 24, 2020 at 5:01 PM
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2020 at 5:07 PM
    First off, I know that there are bigger things happening right now. I am very aware and am doing my part to help my local community and be self aware of what's going on around me so I know this isn't a life/death issue. But I can't help but be disappointed in the Escale launch. For weeks now, I've been interested in a few items including the bucket hat. Boy was I disappointed...

    LV has done nothing to make this time easier and more transparent when shutting down their stores. There was a lot of talk surrounding the Escale collection. From delay rumours to preorders being cancelled to the items being spontaneously put up (even some SAs didn't know about the online release), a lot of speculation was going on and took many by surprise.

    LV has done nothing to clarify or help make it easier on us customers. We're not spending small amounts here, these are expensive items and markups. We've been seeing these items online in previews for weeks now so I expected for LV to have a plan ready after they shut down their physical stores. Even if they didn't anticipate all this (no one did), they had the option of letting us know about an official launch date, whether it would be delayed till June like some parts of the world have, or just decide on what the right thing to do in this chaos.

    Now Client Services are telling people that what's sold out is sold out online and that stores (when they do open) won't get any more items than the things already preordered. After only a day of launch! I refuse to believe that they somehow sold out on bucket hats within 2 minutes of putting the webpage up (I was there earlier than anyone and never saw stock of the hat in either sizes).

    Is it just me or is it absolutely ridiculous to expect people to preorder things like ready to wear and hats when these things are dependant on sizes and trying things on and then potentially penalize someone for returns if they're done too often (as I've seen so much on this forum)? For the bucket hat, they never put up a size guide, no measurements, so how are people supposed to order? On top of that, they don't make enough stock of anything so what's gone is now gone and never coming back (according to their team).

    After going through the emotionally and mentally stressful reality of COVID-19, shopping helps me stress relieve but this Escale launch has been the opposite of that. I'm not going to sit here and refresh like a lunatic all day hoping that someone's order gets cancelled/refunded so that I can get my bucket hat. I'd rather spend that time donating online to food banks and charities. Shopping should make this self-isolation experience more fun, not more stressful.

    In times like these, no one needs the BS that LV puts some of us through with their fake "sold out" selling tactics. It's disappointing and just exhausting.
  2. I can’t blame LV when the entire world has been disrupted by this pandemic. Most things aren’t running smoothly now and it’s obvious this release was affected by it as well.
  3. These are unprecedented times in retail. Who’s to say if it went the way of a normal launch that you would have gotten said hat anyway? And client services is often mistaken. There are items not available on the website yet. I do not believe the launch is complete but even if it were the facts have always been - not everyone gets what they want. I’m very sorry you’re disappointed but honestly, that’s life. It’s full of disappointment.
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  4. You’re correct, it’s not. I’d be willing to bet hats will be released.
  5. Let's have some positive vibes on this thread! I do understand the frustration of OP on not getting their item as well as LV giving the limbo and roundabout on the release dates and launch of this collection-I get it, I had the same feeling when the Catogram collection came out and was empty handed after SAs refusing to sell me that collection due to it's exclusivity etc. And yes, sometimes it is what it is when it comes to retail-you may or may not luck out even if you knew the exact release date. At this point I would take anything that Client Services say as a grain of salt because they talk based on a script given to them and I've gotten mis-information from them personally myself when I was looking for an item and they said it's sold out-lo and behold I was able to source it myself!

    I'll help you! Where are you located janeetai? You can reach out to an SA on instagram and let them know you are interested in this item. They can check when they are in. Obviously that item won't go anywhere since some Escale pieces have already been shipped out the the stores physically and the stores are currently closed!
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  6. I called LV a couple days ago and they told me the original launch was cancelled and that they'd pulled the collection from the site, and it would receive a proper release in June. Now it's back on the site today... super confusing.

    It's confusing, but I suppose it is due to improper staffing and uncertainty due to the virus.
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  7. This collection wasn't for me, but with so much uncertainty, I understand the frustration in having additional uncertainty about something you thought would bring some much needed levity to your days. I suspect this will go like most other LV releases (but with some extra chaos given store, manufacturing, and warehouse closures): a rush at the beginning with more items appearing as time goes on. If you still want the hat, I hope you get one. Stay safe and healthy.
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  8. I echo what everyone else has said - I understand your frustration and how disappointing it can be to miss out on something you really want coupled with lack of/unclear communication. I suspect in challenging times like these it's hard to align on messaging - I find LV struggles with that without a world crisis happening!
    I think you should keep checking online for the bucket hat. I wouldn't be surprised if you find it online sometime soon. I can't see bucket hats being the "hot item" of the collection, perhaps it hadn't even released yet?

    And yes - I would take whatever Client Services is telling you with a grain of salt. I feel like "I don't know" really isn't an answer they ever use, and so if they truly don't know, they either provide a canned response or a response so vague it really isn't useful.
  9. I believe when the store re-opens merchandise that's sold out online should be available in some stores. Try contacting an SA directly and I would also try to purchase through a LV that's in a department store.
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  10. This is truly atrocious. The energy that someone used to type up this long rant over a bucket hat. Just WOW.

    Kudos to those who responded to OP in such respectful manner.
  11. I’d keep an eye on the website. Also keep an eye on the forum. People here are great about posting when items become available online. I was able to purchase several foliage items from the men’s show thanks to folks posting on the dedicated thread where they saw them, when they popped up online, etc. The hat is super cute. Good luck!
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  12. It wasn’t LVs fault they had to close stores and it happened quickly, at least for my store. Which put the timeline for collection in question. They could’ve waited until stores opened but instead released online....I think it’s awesome they released it early and are shipping out items. I’m sure the hat will become available...:hrmm:
  13. I am so sorry to contradict here, but I am beyond impressed with how they have handled this! My SD has been in touch with me every other day at least, and truly, honestly wanting to know how everyone is holding up. They did have to shut down 911 and all different levels of that, according to every day changes in restrictions which left them paralyzed. LV has taken care of their employees in the most impressive and astounding way, and is contributing to the pandemic by donating and producing sanitizer, etc. They were one of my top faves for CS before, but this has really nailed that down for me. I don't always love everything, but I will try to spend money there where I can to support.

    NOW, to the launch. I was told the launch was delayed until June, but most of the Escale stock was in warehouses in NJ and CA and would wait there until it could be disseminated according to preorders. At the time, I had only had 2 sneakers confirmed, and none of the OTG, NF or other things. Yesterday my SD sent me the links to order I guess before it launched live? IDK how it was done, but I was able to get 3 OTG and a NF which I wanted and had wondered if I could even get b/c I have been distracted (obv). It will all arrive tomorrow. Again, I was shocked. I was really ok with taking a shopping hiatus for as long as COVID was around which was a nice break (for me cuz I am bad).

    All I am saying here is everything is changing all of the time, and it's difficult to count on anything because of that. I am sure by tomorrow 1000 other things will change too, and maybe your hat will come up! BUT, I think everyone is TRYING best they can so maybe lowering your expectations during this time might help your irritability? Take it from someone who knows ;)
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    you will get the hat either online again or in the boutique when it opens. Client services not always informed. The hat either didn’t even get released yet, or there will be more
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  15. I think you should thank your lucky stars! $750 US for a small denim hat is just mind blowing to me.