is anyone else depressed with all the fakes??

  1. I am so down with all the eBay fakes.

    It's just soooo annoying that they ruin what should be a really fun experience: shopping for and buying a Chloe.

    Sigh, I know I am preaching to the choir, but seeing all the Auth posts with tons of fakes got me really feeling down today :sad:
  2. Yes, whenever I go on there I get depressed about all the fakes as well. It makes me so mad:rant:!!!!!! And the worse thing is we cant really do a darn thing about it, eBay does'nt seem to care.
  3. It wouldn't be so bad if the prices were always too good to be true. I hate the reasonably - or even high priced ones that you apparently can't trust. I wish there was a way to punish the fakers - without hurting the good ones.
  4. Ugh--it is so depressing--especially for those of us who are trying to sell great authentic bags on eBay!
  5. There have been bags that people think are authentic which are fake in the authenticate this thread :confused1: so it goes both ways. All we can do is give our opinion... if it's wrong, then someone corrects it :yes:

    I think whoever wants absolute authentic chloe, go get it at retail...

    otherwise do the research... there's, tons of tools to research ebay sellers!
  6. That fake Tracy that Eucalyptic purchased really sobered me up. It's to the point that I almost shun all purse dealers on ebay. I'm repulsed and totally turned off. It's criminal for the honest blokes who have valid Chloe's...Prada's... Gucci's etc.....

    The joy of ebaying for bags has diminished. Hummmm maybe that's a good thing for me! NOT:yucky:
  7. D&G is right, the only way to be CERTAIN is going retail (and even then some internet companies that look legit, ie Bluefly, are knowingly promotin and selling fakes).

    So sad.

    But like she said too, we all just try to give our opinions to the best of the knowledge we have and just try to help each other.

    I am happy to be part of a knowledge collective that supports the purchase and sale of lovely designer merchandise :love:
  8. ebay has huge problem with fakes. they need to hire more staff to pay closer attention and cancel all the fakes. I swear 65% of LV on ebay are fake, anoying
  9. yea, i visited ShangHai last summer, and the underground mall is full of paddys, full of them, yikes.
  10. I just ordered a paddy from ebay, still waiting on it and i hope its not a fake:sweatdrop: . I'd go retail but paying 1400 dollars for a paddy color i might not even like and a year i don't even like on a first year college students money just doesn't happen:shrugs:. It just sucks how people can take advantage of us like that:censor:

    I'm just happy that I have all of you to look at the bag and give your best opinion, which i think could be better than any SA at Saks or Neimans?

    What do you think the percentage of fakes to authentic chloes are actually on ebay?
  11. I think 90% of the Chloes on ebay are fake, probably more. They aren't doing a very good job of removing the fakes.

    I'm angry, sad, horrified of the whole situation. :sad: I've yet to buy a designer bag from ebay because there's always a small inkling of doubt. We haven't seen a good fake yet... doesn't mean they don't exist?!
  12. Yes, and it really hurts the people who are trying to sell authentic ones.
  13. Yeah, i'm tired of all the fakes.

    TBH, eBay can only do so much, for every 10 auctions they pull down, another 50 go back up.:cursing:

    But, i still think the hundreds of fakes are much more obvious than the authentic auctions they've pulled!!!

    I wish they'd get it right - for goodness sake, many of us here are far more qualified to sift through the fakes, than the auction watchers they employ at eBay!:rolleyes: :push:

    What bugs me most - is the 'powersellers' - the 'trusted' members of the eBay community who will quite happily sell a fake for £600+:mad:

    There was a fake paddy last week that sold for over £600 by a powerseller. The poor unsuspecting buyer didn't know any different, and that's what makes me mad.
    On the other hand, if the buyer had done their research before buying...KWIM?:rolleyes:

    I think, if there was more awareness on eBay - a compulsory tutorial on what to look for before you even place a bid, then maybe the fakes would eventually get stamped out.

    Until then, education is the only way forward - we just have to try and help as many people as we can, as a unit, and most certainly report all the fakes, keep on reporting them - and keep perservering!:yes:
  14. It makes me angry those sellers who knowingly sell on fakes too, if you buy a fake take it up with pay pal, but it's not morally right to knowingly sell it back on.
  15. I agree - a lot of people unwittingly buy a fake, panic when they get it and realise they've been ripped off, so they sell it back on eBay, and pass it off (again) as authentic.
    Thus, the viscious circle continues...:sad: