Is anyone else being jerked around by paypal?

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  1. I opened a case over a month ago regarding an item that I never got. I povided the seller with a confirmed address, they didn't address it properly and the item was returned to sender. I asked for my money back over a month ago and haven't heard anything. What kind of BS is paypal pulling? I also sell alot of things which makes them lots of money and I think it's ridiculous that they're taking so long! I'm really peeved. I cannot stand how there is a lack of "customer service" across the board. Why do they hire people for a "customer service" if they're not even going to do their job. PAYPAL SUCKS. This should be an open and shut case and I want my money back! :cursing: I shouldn't have to wait because they're backed up! Hire more people and make sure they're competent!
  2. they don't care anymore. just like eBay, as long as they are still making money for themselves, all else can go to pot.

    keep fighting it. im so sorry for your troubles.
  3. That is completely obnoxious of them. I agree, perisist with the fight and get your money back. It's disgusting how they're treating their honest customers.
  4. I can completely sympathize. I had an auction where the buyer paid immediately. Soon after, Paypal held the funds as "under investigation" despite buyer's repeated e-mails to Paypal asking them to release the funds. When I contacted Paypal, I came across the most obnoxious customer service rep ever who just gave me the run around and talked down to me like I was five years old. :yucky:

    Luckily, everything worked out but not without extreme frustration and undue worry. Keep up the fight and hopefully if enough people complain, the message will get through.
  5. I try to always put everything on a credit card through Paypal, and then if Paypal is not responding, I call the credit card company to investigate. Paypal takes a long time to respond . . . The last issue I had was resolved quickly but others have taken months. I called them on their phone no.
  6. Hi Everyone! I am new to the purse forum but have been selling on e-bay for over 5 years. I have had some bad experiences with Paypal myself. I get anything I buy or sell authenticated before I resell it. I bought a lot of 2 purses on e-bay last May from mdestates. The picture was not very good and it was a last minute buy. (Not very smart on my part, I know) One was a Louis Vuitton backpack and the other was a Coach bag. As soon as I opened the package I knew I had been "HAD". Both were fakes. I wrote to the seller before doing anything and she called me a liar. I then sent the auction and more pictures to Carol Ives, (caroldiva), who has been my lifesaver. I turned everything over to Paypal. They then told me I needed a letter from Carol, which I had done. After about one month they told me I needed to file a police report and have the purses destroyed. Carol had never heard of such a thing and neither had the police. They said Paypal was doing this to make it hard so they didn't have to refund the money. Anyway, after 3 months, they sent me an e-mail saying they were in favor of the seller. All of this cost me a lot of time and money. By this time, it was the principle of the thing. We just talked to paypal again and were told they did this because they lost our police report and had just found it, so would let us know what they were going to do in 3 days. 3 days later I received an e-mail from Paypal saying they would not give me my money back due to the fact that the police did not destroy the bags (the officer told me he was not allowed to do that). I forwarded all this to Carol and she said she had never heard of this since Paypal makes you send the bags back to the seller. Anyway, since I sell on e-bay and most people pay with Paypal, I need to use it. I wish there was another way to do things. Carol did send me some links and I am going to take this further. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?
  7. That's graet advice. I will never buy anything using paypal funds again. I'll always have the money come from my CC.

    I did call they again and email them. They finally refunded my money. It took over a month and I don't need that kind of hassle so I won't be buying anything for a while.
  8. That's great advice. I will never buy anything using paypal funds again. I'll always have the money come from my CC.

    I did call they again and email them. They finally refunded my money. It took over a month and I don't need that kind of hassle so I won't be buying anything for a while.
  9. I just got off the phone with Paypayl and I am LIVID! I really wish another online money transaction company could start up and take over Paypal, they have a real Monopoly and just dont care about the service they provide.

    The issues I have had are too many to list, I never get good service and on top of that they do not have a toll free # for Cnd customers so I have to spend money on long distance charges since they rarely answer my email questions :cursing:
  10. This is some info that I have for paypal and eBay, I'm not sure if this is current or not, but, it is worth a try.

    2005 Hamilton Ave.San Jose, CA 95125 NOT Confirmed
    2125 Hamilton Avenue San Jose CA 95125 NOT Confirmed

    2145 Hamilton Ave # 350 San Jose, CA 95125 Confirmed
    Hours: 7:30am to 5:30pm PT (California USA Time)
    1-408-376-6554 Fax Main - Confirmed
    1-408-558-7404 -Fax Customer Support NOT Confirmed

    The Following Numbers have been checked and work -
    1-877-438-3229 (California only - may no longer work)
    1-408-376-7400 A receptonist will answer
    Hours 7:30 AM 5:30 PM PT M-F
    Know Persons Extension press 1
    Dial by name Directory press 0
    Customer Service press 2
    Operator press 3

    Possible change in hours now 6 AM PT to 2 PM PT (not confirmed)

    This is a number I have for paypal :::: hope this works:::