Is anyone else aware of your B Bag habit/obsession???

  1. You guys are the only ones who know about my obsession. DH knows I'm on this board a lot and he knows I love bags but he doesn't know the specific brand or costs :wtf:

    My friends know I like bags but again, they are not familiar with brands, etc.....

    What about you?
  2. Well, of course ya'll know I have a problem(:p ) but I have a few close friends that know how much these bags cost but none of them really spend a lot on bags themselves. The big problem I made was educating my husband so now I have to hide a majority of my bags.:sweatdrop:
  3. DH definitely knows about the bag thing, but not about the Bbag thing and costs, just like your DH. A few of my friends do, as well, but I'm quite mum about costs. Now, my former boss caught me reading through the Purse Blog a few times and he said to me, "Wow, you REALLY love handbags! Why?"

    So, I'm not quite a closeted bag queen, but I'm not out, and I've not been out-ed by anyone, yet..... :smile:
  4. Pretty much everyone... I had to share them with someone...

    Not everyone knew the cost though ;)
  5. Only my close family members. Nobody else, really. They are clueless that my bags are anything special. Although that might change if I start carrying the GH... ;)
  6. I'm with DH knows i'm always on forum...however, he is also aware how much is the cost of balenciaga as i always go to the local balenciaga store here and he has some idea abt the pricing. However, i do have frnds knew abt my bag passion and got to know abt this brand and costs thru me.....:smile:
  7. Well most people I know see I like LV and you can look up how much they cost. Balenciaga is not really common here and people don't recognize the bags. The big who-hoo here seems to be about the tassels, not the cost. They are often being called the "fringe bags" or something. LOL. My SO knows about the bags and the cost but since I pay for all of them myself he doesn't really care.
  8. I think almost everybody knows, my boyfriend, mine and his family, my best friends.
    And they al dont understand, they think i have to go to rehab. And so i put the Amy Winehouse song rehab on y mobile as a ringtone(very very loud).
    My BF has a B-bag mensday himself and one of my bestfriends has his own collection of B-bags and is a PF-er also.

    I order one last week and one a week before and so now i have to take a shopping break.

    It`s just like beiing gay, i`m happy to be out of the closet.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  9. ha ha!
    I'm not out of the closet with my bags, it's really quite stressful
  10. I'm out! I'm out!

    I'm of the mind that if I have to hide something from my friends then there's something wrong with what I'm everyone knows EXACTLY how much they cost and EXACTLY how many I have. If I bid on a new one, I tell someone immediately just to get it out there.

    Otherwise I'm kind of lying to my nearest and dearest, and I don't want to do that.

  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    My Dh bought my first bbag for me so he really knows about the price. I am a sneaky little sucker and sneak them in my house like a secret agent. After a while they slowly "emerge" , he's so used to my 'retail issues' that he ignores it. He knows that I am uber passionate about fashion (I follow fashion weeks like a toddler following their mother) and is just used to it, but he will never get used to the toll it takes on his wallet! He knows all about bbags and this forum. He thinks it's hilarious, but is glad that I have other people to discuss my passion about. I live in an area where NO ONE would have a clue as what they are. One of my girlfriends knows about my insanity and another knows about me being on this forum all the time. Everyone just has different interests and all of my friends are very different from one another, but that is the best part. It would be boring if we are the same as much as I wish I had a bbag friend here!
  12. DH, a few girlfriends, a coworker, and you guys! That's it!
  13. Everyone knows about my obsession but they don't know how much they are. Idon't think some of friends care bc they dont know what balenciaga is...My bf def knows bc we live together. I don't like to hide anything from him as i believe in karma too much, therefore, I expect him not to hide anything fr me either... He thinks I am crazy though for having a whole bunch of bbags as my screen saver. :p
  14. Okay all you Box lovers, you're making me really think about a Box vs. City for size and organizational considerations. Seeing as I've been lusting after a pale rose you think 895.00 is a reasonable price for a pale rose (pre-Spring '06) Box? Does that sound about right? I truly have no idea. Many thanks in advance!
  15. I envy you girls who are out of the closet! Highgloss, you're so right... if you have to hide it then there is something wrong with what you're doing. Ummm... yes, there IS something wrong with my habit and at least I have the good sense to know that. :lol:

    Actually, my mom does know about a few of my bags and sees nothing wrong since I don't splurge in too many other areas. She actually loves the GH.

    SO knows nothing. :ninja: