Is anyone else also bothered with this?

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  1. Sorry if a thread like this already exist. I love wools, cashmere, mohair, angora etc. I don't like synthetic stuff. I love buying sweaters at Acne, A.P.C and COS etc.. Especially last one because it's not so expensive as the first two brands, but still good quality and all 100% cashmere or 100% mohair for a fair price. Now whenever I go to those big stores like H&M and Zara and I see a cashmere sweater, or mohair, angora or whatever kind of wool, I think yay they start selling fabrics like these!! But when I'm looking at the label and see that only like 8% !!!!! is angora and the rest is all synthetic cheap fabric, but I still have to pay 80 bucks for a sweater, it makes me feel confused and kind of mad, because it's ridiculous and I just can't understand why they would sell it? :shrugs:
  2. I know what you mean and it it so frustrating. First thing I do is to check a fabric content on a label.
    The same thing is when I see a decent fall/winter coat BUT with a cotton (!!!) lining. Yes Isabel Marant, I am talking about you:tdown::nono:
  3. I guess I'm not sure why that would make you mad? It's not like they are forcing you to purchase anything. You don't have to purchase an $80 sweater if you don't want to, so if you don't think that the quality is worth the price tag, then don't buy it:yes:
  4. Well ok not mad, but it's frustrating. I just can't understand why a big company like H&M would do that? If a smaller company like COS or Acne CAN sell all 100% materials for the same price. Why would they do it? All those synthetics are not worth the money IMO. So why not make 100% cashmere sweaters instead of only using 8%, people would buy a lot more if it would be 100% cashmere. They would be getting even more customers. I used to buy a lot from H&M years ago when it was still cheap, but now they just increase prices because people will buy anyway but the quality isn't improving. Besides that, they are not forcing me, and I'm not buying anything, but it would have just been nice if they would actually sell cashmere sweaters when they put on their website they sell a 'cashmere sweater - $80'. The first thing that pops in your mind for that price and when they present a sweater on their website with the name 'cashmere' in it, you'll be expecting it's 100% cashmere right? And not when you finally read the label have to find out it's only 8%. The cashmere in the ad is to make it sound more attractive, but people will get turned off when they read the labels, at least I do.
  5. I'm a fan of blends. I have a shirt that's half silk, half cotton, that feels so much nicer to me than either 100% silk or 100% cotton. And I would never wear a 100% angora or mohair sweater. I'd feel like a walking ball of lint.

    I also find that just because something is a natural fiber doesn't mean the quality is there. I refuse to buy J. Crew cashmere sweaters because they pill and lose shape like crazy despite being 100% cashmere. Given the choice between a pilly 100% cashmere sweater and a durable 20% cashmere sweater, I will take the 20%.
  6. OT: but isn't COS the higher-end sister company of H&M? It's too bad they can sell quality fabrics at good prices but H&M doesn't. I've recently become a fabric snob and have had to turn down so many cute-looking pieces of clothing because they were made of synthetics. Ultimately, though, I think my wardrobe will benefit because I will have items that last for longer and feel nice against the skin. So although it's frustrating paying a bit more for a quality item, I think it's worth it in the end. In the past few years, I have donated so many bags of poorly-made clothes made of cheap materials and I think about how I wouldn't have wasted so much money if I had bothered to buy good-quality items in the first place.
  7. Companies always try to cut down on cost while at the same time maximizing their yield.
    As you said it yourself: "people will buy anyway" so why make an effort to improve quality which will definitely impact one's profit margin. :idea:
  8. I feel the exact same! But yes COS is the higher end sister company of H&M, so that's why it's weird huh? Especially since H&M prices are going up and up since a few years.
  9. You're lucky to have COS, you must be in EU. I have stopped shopping at H&M because the quality has really gone down.
  10. Oh it's not all about the natural fiber, of course quality is the most important thing, especially if you're paying lots of money for something! But my body doesn't respond well on synthetic fabrics and I found out I don't have that problem at all with 100% natural fibers. I start sweating like crazy when I'm wearing synthetics, it's making me sick, so that's why I only wear natural fibers now.
  11. Yes I am. They don't sell it online in Canada?
  12. C.J is right, H&M (and others) have just learned that making the most of a legal loophole, calling a jumper 'cashmere jumper' is merely 'description', and so long as they don't call it '100% cashmere' is all apparently fine. So long as the garment contains 1% cashmere and all other fibres are marked on the jumper itself it's perfectly legal.

    I check every label inside to check knitwear (even though it gets me funny looks from the staff since the insist on trying to cover up the labels with huge security tags) I can't stand acrylic and man-made fibres, they do make you ill because they make you sweat and then the sweat cannot evaporate so it runs cold and clammy to your body :sick:

    I also think it's a jupe because people (especially young girls) just read the big signs, they fall in love with a style not even considering HUGE signs are only telling 1% of the story
  13. Yes, over the last few years companies have been substituting synthetic fabrics to increase their bottom line, especially with the increase in textile costs and the rise of fast fashion. While one can understand lower priced retailers doing this, its mind boggling that even higher end designers have adopted this approach (I was shocked to see 100% poly on labels, coats blended with nylon instead of 100% wool). The industry embraces and promotes this concept through trends (ex: sheer shirts, high low skirts/tops, half lined skirts, etc).

    I guess I'm a fabric label whore. This is not to say that I don't have any poly/synthetic blended items (they can be great in moderation). As a result, many of my items from 5-9+ years ago have endured well - even those from lower priced retailers (I also think quality for clothing was higher then than it is now). Its much more difficult to find quality fabrics in today's market place.
  14. Oh gosh, I really thought I was the only one with this problem! Thank god it's not just me:sweatdrop:
  15. I must say ... a bit late on mind you... Im so with all of you on here! I'm defo a fabric snob and only wear natural fibbers on my body! For me its about two things... one is luxury and the other is comfort and warmth. Im so with you on the sweat thing too... I even find that with fake fur coats too... apart from the fabric looking cheap and nasty anyway you instantly feel sweaty whilst a real fur keeps you toasty without the sweat! Real fibbers give off lovely natural smells also that you don't get with synthetic... yes they need more care... but I guess its about whether you can be bothered caring!

    Back to the OP's point though... Yeh the one thing I hate is when they don't even advertise it as a blend... and its not till you get to the label you find out the truth! Why not just be upfront... but a bit of me also thinks why bother!