Is anyone else a little shocked about the new wallet prices?

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  1. I know I'm a little late, but I just noticed the new arrivals of the Josephine and Emilie wallets. When I saw the prices, I had to second and third look again because they're definitely "too reasonable" for Louis Vuitton products. I mean, of course it's great for us LV lovers, but does anyone else find it shocking?

    It makes me wonder, is LV lowering their prices for the economy? It's so similar to the Sarah wallet, but at a MUCH lower price. Will these be classics that are around forever? I always see LV wallets in the average 600 range, but now less than 400?

    What do you guys think? How do you feel about these new wallets? Like or dislike?
  2. I was shocked at the price too. I'm not the biggest fan, but I would've been all over it if it had come in purple or pink though!
  3. I guess that LV is making a good marketing to get more customers with its price. :wlae:
  4. There are less cc slots and compartments than the sarah or zippy. They reduced the number of cc slots and compartments and so reduced the price I guess. Maybe it's easier to make them so the price is more reasonable? I think they are so cute though
  5. reasonable and affordable price.... a bit shocked!!! I wanna get it one of these days
  6. aren't they at 490 now?
  8. i agree :yes: it looks alot smaller then the sarah, maybe even flimsier? less cc slots, and less room inside..

  9. it is £240 here in the UK.
    the same size like Sarah, just not as complex and it is quite flimsy
    they have this 'retro' feel about them, not sure if I like them or not
  10. They are reasonable. I don't care for them though. I don't like the colored snap because I think it makes them look cheap.
  11. Agreed. I think the price is more "reasonable" than usual, and the wallets are alright, but I just wish they came in some other colors than red, green, and blue..
  12. i don't like the new wallets at all. i'd rather spend 100-200 more to get a nicer looking (and perhaps better quality) wallet. or, spend less and get a nice wallet elsewhere.
  13. As someone else stated, there are less cc slots, and its dimensions are probably smaller than the Sarah/PTI as well. Its a great price for a starter wallet or intro to LV, though!
  14. ^^ita
  15. yeah i noticed that too i thought it was awsome ..if only they actualy made a pretty color lining in the new wallets :sad: