Is anyone but me disappointed with the Neverfull?

  1. I popped in to the SCP LV Boutique with every intention of buying this bag.

    I love the look of it, adore the lining, love that it holds so much, etc.

    Then, upon closer inspection, I realized that it isn't as well-made as some of the more expensive bags. For instance, the vachetta around the top of the bag is poorly seamed.

    In all honesty, it looks like a faux to me. :sad:

    I said as much to my favorite SA and he agreed that it wasn't made up to the same standard as other bags.

    What a shame, since it had the makings of a really fabulous bag!
  2. Well, the Neverfull bag is the newest LV entry-level bag and widely popular. The second store manager of my boutique was so kind and told me what she really though about that bag. Still, despite its perceived shortcomings, the bag made LVMH even richer, which in the end was the main reason it was made. The Financial Times reported that the Neverfull was crucial in boosting LVMH's third quarter sales.
  3. im waiting for eluxury to restock the neverfull mm. the handles do look very fragile, but i hope it can hold a lot of stuff for a long time (at least 2-3yrs) before tearing.... what u guys think??
  4. It is a bag that's basic and it doesn't seem to be like other Louis Vuitton bags. And I admit, it does get to be a boring bag.

    Though it will easily last for more than 2-3 years. I started at the office and I STUFFED my Neverfull GM with a huge labtop, textbooks, etc. It was full to the max. It easily weighed about 10-20 pounds (I'm not good at weights, but it was HEAVY) and took two people to carry it. Each person grabbed onto each handle and had the bag in the middle of them. It was funny, but when I got it back it still looked brand new. There wasn't any stress marks or anything that showed it just was put under a lot of stress. The leather was smooth and perfect as before. It's an amazing bag!
  5. thank u! i needed to know if it can handle heavy duty stuff, and u answered my doubts. im buying it!
  6. If you like damier I would wait till next month both ebony and azur are comming out...
  7. Is it for sure next month?

    I would LOVE it in Azur! :love:
  8. the neverful has been tested and can hold 210 kilos I doubt your going to be carrying that much so you'll be fine

    Damier may not be coming out next month lots of people have been told next year
  9. ^^^yeah just like there isn't a miroir lockit...
  10. no no it's coming I'm not saying that but lots of people have told the release is pushed back, some are still being told nov but lots have heard feb I think and azur version pushed back even later in the year
  11. As long as they're thinking about making the Neverfull in Damier Azur... I'm happy. :okay:
  12. The Neverfull may not be made as well as other LV bags but I still love mine. It's a great functional bag & I think it's cute.
  13. this bag is supposed to hold up to 200 pds.. I dont see it happening.
  14. I love my Neverfull, no regrets at all.
  15. I think it's a really cute bag, I love the drawstrings at the side and it just seems like such a relaxed, casual bag.