Is anyone brave enough to confess...

  1. ...that they have accidently ruined a H bag in the past and how you did it? Was the bag salvagable?
  2. Happy to say I haven't ruined any yet.....I'm anal about them!!!!
  3. I shudder to think of it...

    No accidents, but my bearn wallet "came apart"...the stitching came all undone on the was totally salvageable (by H for a fee of $250-300 if I recall correctly)...

    Again, normal Globe-Trotter agenda has "bald spots" and the leather tab has split apart...I must take her to the spa...SOON!
  4. There is this story of a Kelly bag that was in an accident involving an elephant during a safari and that was salvaged by Claude in NYC.
  5. I'm so afraid of doing something stupid, that I think is benefiting the bag, but actually ruins it. e.g. like using the wrong Meltonian cream to touch-up the bag.
  6. Well, I have some advice when carrying box calf bags. Make sure the hardware on your belt is not rubbing your bag.
  7. HG, that's good advice. I've heard that rough clothing rubbing constantly could also scratch the bag. Once I was carrying the bag in my hand along with a shopping bag or two and something one those bags scratched the back of the Kelly.
  8. Oh yes, and my birkin careful of the lock resting directly on the leather if you want to avoid a "smiley"...
  9. Wow a life saver!! Didn't even occur to me, now I know what to watch out for. I'll die if my Box Birkin (yeah it's coming!!! :yahoo: ) gets badly scratched by my belt on her first day out.
  10. No thank God nothing . . . yet. I will rely on spa treatments to rescue it from ordinary wear & tear.

    Can you imagine seeing your bag under an elephant's foot? :crybaby: :wtf: :crybaby: :shocked:
  11. :crybaby: I agree, that's how I got mines scratched up in the back! My pooooor Kelly!!!! :crybaby:
  12. I have the "smiley" already! :crybaby: Why haven't I met you guys earlier...

    Oh....and the Pegasus Cadena can only be put in the lock portion of the bag for SHOW...It scratches the Palladium if it moves around....:Push:
  13. If it has a smiley can someone post how that looks like....
    I'm so dumb.:shame: :confused1:
  14. ^think of a windshield wiper going back and forth leaving a streak. Turn it upside down and you have a "smiley". The lock is swinging back and forth and making an arc on the turnlock plate.
  15. I have 2 deep marks at the back of my Chevre bearn. :crybaby: Not sure what cause them. Can't seem to salvage.