is anyone as into shoes as they are into bags???

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  1. I was just wondering - I was just at Jimmy Choo and bought 5 new pairs of shoes - I love them as much as bags. (well 4 and ordered 1) Anyway - now that I found my card reader - I'll post pics of my new bag later tonight!!!
  2. I can't wait to see your pics. Manolo Blahnik and Louis Vuitton are my favorite shoe designers. I have a couple of pairs of Jimmy Choos but I find they are not as comfortable.
  3. moving this to Glass Slipper as it's not specifically Chanel related. . .
  4. My fav shoes are miu miu.
  5. I'm into both. Just lately I've been bag obsessed thanks to the PF :lol:

    A woman can never have to many of either!
  6. i think i have as many pairs of shoes as i do bags :girlsigh:
  7. lol.. i have about 100 pairs of shoes! :shame:
  8. I love shoes more.

    I buy them in bulk. :biggrin:

    I just bought five pairs on Friday: 3 Christian Lacroix, 1 Marc by MJ, 1 Moschino Cheap&Chic. Refrained from buying a pair of Puccis.

    I like quirkier labels ... but I like the "classics" as well.

    Don't know how many pairs I own. They are all over the place!
  9. I thank God that most brands use heels that are higher than my comfort zone. It saves me money. Lots of it.

    I have way too many shoes than a person needs. Dior and Ferragamo (the best at making heels less than 3" high) make up a large portion of my closet, but so do Prada, Bottega, Missoni and Gucci.

    Thank goodness Manolos generally don't fit me well and Jimmy Choos are generally too high!!!!
  10. I love Jimmy Choos, Manolos are really over-rated to me IMO, Fendi, LV, Christian Diors are so fun, Oh and the really cheap stripper heels, you know the ones, with the clear bottoms, I love those too!
  11. oooh, would love to see the piccies of your FOUR!!! new pairs of choo's. That is some shopping trip :biggrin:
  12. I am WAY more into shoes. I am a second generation Manolo addict. Was dragged to his shop since I was a kid. Not dragged anymore!! Have about 30. No Jimmy Choos, they are just a Blahnik wannabe :true:
  13. I love my shoes but ruin them so quickly I don't buy expensive pairs. The only "proper" designer shoes I have are a pair of eelskin D&Gs which match my favourite bag, otherwise they're all from Next! They do outnumber my bags by about 3:1 though.
  14. I love shoes and am a shoe addict! I have way more shoes than bags - about 250 pairs. I love Choos and Manolos! I also have Guccis Louboutins, Diors and Pradas. I also have some less expensive shoes as well but as long as they are hot looking I will buy them!!
  15. Love Louboutins!
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