Is anyone after a black Annie?

  1. Apologies if this isn't relevant to anyone, especially as the bag is still at full price, but I've just found a store that still has some black Annies in stock. I know Aine has had some terrible luck ordering an oak one so thought I'd mention this just in case it's helpful at all.

  2. How do they get away with charging more than Mulberry!!!!:confused1:
  3. Gahh, I thought that price was a bit steep, but didn't know how much Annies were originally :push:
  4. Thank you goldfinch. I was looking for an oak Annie. You are so kind for posting though:heart:
  5. The Orange tree in Exeter had some oak annies in the sale they don't sell online though you would have to ring them
    01392 876688
  6. Thanks Jackie. I will call them after the weekend.
  7. hey jackie i was checking the forum at work today on my lunch break and came across your annie post. i was gutted when the online mulberry store sold out before i could snap one upon sale but was learing to live with the fact it just wasnt meant to be unless i could part with £600 (my job cannot fund that) so on a whim i called the orange tree wondering if a they had any left, b if they were in the sale, c how much, and d if they would mail out to me. it must be my lucky day -one left oak yippee half price with £9.00 p&p the annie as is singular but no more in the shop was just short of £300
    i just thought i cannot pass this one by but had it not been for your info i'd have missed out so thankyou very much x:yahoo:
  8. congrats Bayley39 I have bought quite a few of my Mulberrys from their other branch
    and they are always very helpful
    Enjoy your Annie:tup:
  9. waiting for it to arrive aaaahhhhgggghhh have you ordered over the phone before from this store ? if so what service do they use i was told recorded delivery that doesn't sound as secure as special delivery which i asked about but the sales assistant didn't know.
    do you have an annie yourself?x:goodpost:
  10. I live very near both stores so I go in person I don't have an annie its a bit small for me
    but it is a lovely bag
    sure yours will turn up soon
    I hate waiting too
  11. you lucky girl in one respect- i would hate that it would be far too tempting to pop in and impulse buy.:rolleyes:
  12. Hi,
    I have just purchased an Annie in oak from HoF in Glasgow.When i phoned they said i had the choice of Oak or Black so may still have some left if anyone is still looking.In sale at £298 and posted it out to me straight away.
    Opai x
  13. There are several black Annie at a half off sale here in Sweden. Won't help many of you girls, but possibly some :smile:
  14. my oak annie arrived yesterday it had a pen mark on the back and when i was inspecting the inside i held it upto the light and the left hand centre seam you could see the light through it. does anyone know if this is a mulberry thing or wether it is a fault in the bag the other side is fine it just looked as though they hadn't met the leather properley but i have returned it they are chasing another up for me as we speak hop i have better luck second time round x :crybaby:
  15. thats terrible is the pen mark big? i wouldn't be happy bout that where did u get it from?